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Youtube SEO Or How to Get Youtube Views By Ranking Higher With Blog Post Link Love Youtube SEO , youtube ranking… it really doesn’t matter what you call it; It’s all about learning how to rank higher and get more views on youtube (aka hits). This tutorial shows you how to use increase your rankings by using a technique that I like to call “blog post link love”. Video optimization will only take you so far… embedded views and incoming links will help take your youtube rankings to an even higher level. If you’d like to learn more about grabbing tons of free traffic from youtube then please check out my free tutorials at http or check out my blog at
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  2. pentainteractive

    Jeff has many amazing suggestions which? truly do work. We’ve used his techniques for our clients marketing endeavours with excellent results.

  3. cimistyle

    Wollen Sie seriös mehr Youtube Views oder? Facebook Fans? Es? gibt eine Lösung!

  4. ecashopinions

    I’m going to start embedding my? video EVERYWHERE. Does the blog have to be using dofollow links for this technique to work?

  5. seospecialist

    thats what we are doing right now, we got more then 500 website that could? link to videos.

  6. WealthWithVitoria

    Amazing video, very informative.? Thank you!

  7. BlakesLiberator

    Good? stuff!

  8. PurelyIgnited

    Thank? You!

  9. jeffjohnsonvideos

    That’s great news! Just be sure to keep scaling the incoming links out and you’ll do even? better. Good luck!

  10. free2pongrat

    Romania – many thanks Mr. Jeff J. know very important for? evryone

  11. theTartanTrickster

    Thanks? Jeff, it’s a massive help and very actionable…

  12. mishka888

    HI Jeff
    listened? to you earlier this week and have used the same process and the next day most of my Google positions had gone to the first page.
    Keep up the good work
    best Wishes

  13. jeffjohnsonvideos

    Glad you liked? it!

  14. jeffjohnsonvideos

    I’m the? same way, I know I’m supposed to do things but i don’t always do them 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

  15. jeffjohnsonvideos

    You? are welcome!

  16. jeffjohnsonvideos

    Thanks, but I do link to the videos with my keywords in the anchor text and that’s shown in this video. As for the “beginning and end”… I believe the most important thing should be listed at the beginning, and for me that’s the brand or? the link to my site. Keywords in the description are definitely important from a discoverability standpoint for sure, but from a ranking standpoint I believe high quality incoming links with the anchor text are even more important.

  17. jeffjohnsonvideos

    Thanks, but there are 100 things I could do for everything I post online that I just don’t have the time or desire to do. But running incoming links to your blog posts and social media engagement are both things I teach in Nonstop Traffic Formula, and? I use myself when I need to 🙂

  18. jeffjohnsonvideos

    ebmeds are a secondary ranking factor and not nearly as important as? keywords and incoming links. However, embeds on the right sites can end up sending you tens of thousands of free views for your video. work on getting some high traffic sites in your market to post your videos on their sites.

  19. attifoca

    Check out my channel or video? on how to get unlimited? youtube views and subscribers !! watch?v=wFke35Q10HI?

  20. skclouse

    Just like? you have any other hyperlinks in your website. Highlight the search phrase that you are targeting for the video and then link that phrase back to your video URL. I looked at some of your videos and to rank better you want to make sure that you are beginning and ending the search term in the description of your video.

  21. rawfitnessllc

    Thanks for looking into that Jeff I really? appreciate it. How do I link back?

  22. skclouse

    I saw your video embedded on your site but you are not linked back to your video on the blog post. Let me know if? you would like to get on a phone call and I can give you some more tips that will help.

  23. rawfitnessllc


    I’m wondering If I’m doing? something wrong, because I do have my Youtube videos embedded, but I have not seen increased ranking. RawFitnessLLC
    I’d appreciate any suggestions.

  24. GR8GrandpaDM67

    Thank you Jeff for? sharing all of your videos

  25. free2pongrat

    yes? it is a great achievement for everyone
    Thank you Mr. Jeff Johnson