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Winter Wrap Up (On Floppy Drives)

Because I can’t get the tune out of my head: Winter Wrap Up. Merry Christmas everyone! For those of you looking for more ponies, sadly, you won’t find any more on my channel (yet), but you still might enjoy some of my other musical floppy drive videos . For those of you thinking, “What the–? I was just listening to the Imperial March, what’s with these ponies?!” Just hit the back button and try a different video =P. (Though you should also still go check out the new series of My Little Ponies — it’s pretty great) A big thanks to @SnapDrgn711 for helping arrange the music. She’s got some fun puppet and stop-motion videos over on her channel you should check out: Also thanks to rabidcow147 for loaning me the ponies to use in the video (I do not actually own any myself). ———————————————— The software for this project is available here: . Tutorial video here: Thank you all soo much for your subscriptions and complimentary comments! Check out some more musical floppy drives on my playlist here:

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25 Responses

  1. TheRedGameboy

    By chance, would you consider doing Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter?
    I think that? would bring you above God level.

  2. LZZslj


  3. gameboy0415TF2guy

    floppy #7 get a pony (or a? dragon) and it refused to play

  4. psvitanogames


  5. Robyc91


  6. flameleaf10005

    it’s the same fr twilights first? solo.

  7. alxgr752

    Beatiful! Can you make “This day? aria” from s2 e25-26?

  8. Sammy1Am

    Yeah, it would have been rather tedious to try to drive up the different vocal parts by drive (though the thought did cross my mind). Also, because the drives all play the same volume, I had to keep the melody close to the mics so it would be? audible.

  9. MrElite2020

    Ironic how on Applejack’s solo, the floppy with? her on it doesn’t do anything…

  10. kittysrule556

    do you know where? this song is from?

  11. SC0R3B00T

    Data wrap up, data wrap up…
    Let’s? spread some floppy cheer…. xD

  12. stertingen

    who needs a 5.1 sound system if he can has 8 floppys in his? pc?

    next time make a audio driver for this…

  13. Sammy1Am

    Yes, yes? they are. =)

  14. psvitanogames

    Are those? my little ponies?

  15. optionen100

    AND? HDD Speaker ;D

  16. Sammy1Am

    Oh man, that would be? awesome! If I ever get around to making musical scanners, I’ll definitely have them square-off Deliverance style. =P

  17. GoonCon

    This is the reason why I still have a floppy drive. What I would really enjoy is Dueling Banjos with? floppy drives vs. dot matrix printers.

  18. TwiceTheWeegee

    Reminds me of Arcattack.
    I love? Arcattack’s music 😀

  19. pawlopascual

    God bless? you internet

  20. cautioncone7


  21. elamonty

    Great job on all the songs you cover!

  22. elamonty

    ROFL turns awsome at 40 sec.?

  23. mattriley54

    f°ck ponies……. are crazed to burnt or something?

  24. kumadude91

    Freaking? awesome!!

  25. Raidenster

    Fuck ponies? man.