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Wikipedia Volunteers Meeting

Archivist of the United States David Ferriero and Wikipedian in Residence Dominic McDevitt-Parks explain how the new National Archives Wikisource project will help digitize NARA records.
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  1. Winlaw2008

    What is? Wikipedia and its purpose, who own it, monitors it,and polices if they are putting facts or falsify informaion?????? DR.DJDEB. HAPPY GAY PRIDE 2012

  2. ebturner66

    As a high school history teacher, I’m very excited about the possibilities opening up with Wikipedia working with the National Archives. Mr. Ferriero’s attitude toward Wikipedia was? the deciding factor in me changing my own mind about Wikipedia. I still don’t let students use Wikipedia as a source on a paper, but we do use the heck out of it for quick look-ups and starting research (and him being a fellow veteran doesn’t hurt either!).