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WiFi Pineapple Flashing Guide — Building or Unbricking

Whether your new to Jasager or you’ve made a configuration change you wish you hadn’t, doing a fresh WiFi Pineapple install is a breeze. This guide walks you through the steps required to flash compatible WiFi Pineapple hardware with the latest version of Robin Wood’s Jasager firmware as well as default configurations and and packages. *** This is an excerpt from the article at which is complete with pictures and steps. *** More WiFi Pineapple articles can be found at

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  1. logandpezshow

    Can? i use a D’link router instead of the Pineapple?

  2. Mariosv24

    Thank you i love you guys?

  3. dccfoux


  4. SirAuron12

    no i havent?

  5. ununknown

    If you ever found this information, I too would like to know if there is maybe a compatibility list for this.


  6. SirAuron12

    is there a compatibility list for routers or will any old router? due?

  7. byteTemplar

    Hmmm, I wonder would this work from Windows? VM using bridged network connection?

  8. MrMorrigan

    Oh Poor boy didnt know that you? need to upgrade your gear once in a while?

  9. Bloomengns

    for a skilled PC geek…? your video quality sure sucks… no offense.

  10. tehtron

    Dude now you tell me after i chucked mine out 6 months? ago… I should buy another or mod a Netgear with B and wireless N!

  11. Hak5DarrensVlog

    the link is in the description?

  12. Aaron16

    Why didn’t you do this years ago D:?

  13. HilmiR1

    ##My comment is in 4 parts, in reverse order 🙂 ##
    folder? I saw that you had aircrack-ng – can it also be used in the Wifi Pineapple??

  14. HilmiR1 script (with IPs corrected in a way so that they match my config), fired up gadmin-dhcpd and firestarter, but still, I couldn’t get any passwords. I’ve seen that @gilgil has performed an ssl attack? under windows, but it’s unclear how he did it? Do you know how this can be done? A video tutorial like the one above, but covering sslstrip use on both windows or linux could be very useful. Also, could you show us how you implement the other plugins, that you showed in your Windows…

  15. HilmiR1

    on a bridged DHCP connection, with its IP adress (yes, factory settings changed), so that it could cooperate well with the default on the shared connection in my Windows XP laptop. The original settings didn’t let me access the pineapple at all. It doesn’t now run very stable, with moments, when packets are sent in one way only. Still, it’s working 🙂 after many attempts I haven’t figured out how to run sslstrip and get data from it on my PC. In BT4R2, I applied the…?

  16. HilmiR1

    Darren – I’m very grateful for? this video. I haven’t checked the reflashing procedure, but it looks very clear to me. It’s like “Pineapple for Dummies” now, and I think it’s a very good way to explain it, so that those people who are not so literate with linux (yet 🙂 ), like I am, could now know how to fix their Pineapple. I spent about 2 months before I could put my device in service, and I think that one of such tutorials could very much have quickened the process. Now I have set up my WP…

  17. bigjewfro

    where do i go to download the? files?

  18. n00bp0w3r

    @nickkourpias Since the other guy is being a dick. For the small icons just do this. 1.Right click on the task bar. 2. Properties 3. ‘taskbar” tab.? 4. “use small icon” 5. ????? 6. PROFIT!!!!

  19. skierplaterandy

    This will be really useful

    *looks around to see if any of his equipment can run Jasager*?

  20. solodwarf

    Hey, I just recieved my pineapple v2 on thursday, but have not been able to get it to work. When its plugged in, the “Man in the middle laptop” can not use? the internet anymore. When I change the ip settings in the webif, The laptop is fine, but the ‘test laptop’ connects to SSID pineapple, and then can’t browse. If it connects to my SSID, Karma doesn’t pick it up. Im all sorts of lost.

  21. Adiman423

    @nickkourpias Nothing special.? I think this is a feature that is standard in windows 7.