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Why doesn’t validate?

Michael Thingmand from Denmark asks: “Why doesn’t validate (according to W3C)?” Thisvideo is part of a “Grab Bag” series in which Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, answers questions from webmasters. We’re not currently taking new video questions, so your best bet for getting an answer about webmaster-related search issues is to head to our help forum:
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24 Responses

  1. WhiteShadow2k1

    There’s a lot of bytes to be saved just? by removing all the newlines on

  2. pikilon

    I think there is a logic flaw on the argument “we don’t boost page that validates because almost everypage doesn’t validate”

    1. Validation is good for web
    2. Validation take extra time/effort

    So shouldn’t be google rewarding in some way (only a little) the sites that? validate?

  3. hellmind

    They should validate.
    Google say you must do the page in way and close our eyes and pray to rank, cuz they will do the right think.
    But if we look what they do with their? pages,then we should exploit every gap we got to rank no matter what.
    So the definition of black hat would be, what google’s can’t detect.

  4. dollieluc

    awesome work =)) good job keep it up congrats

  5. whothehellisthat

    I’ve always thought that validation is unimportant. What’s important is the user’s experience. No user looks at your code and says ‘hmm… that bit there isn’t valid. I’m not going to use this site’. For the most part, this goes for accessibility validation, too. Sure,? some of it like title attributes, alt tags on images, etc., are a good idea, but there’s a lot of annoying unnecessary stuff in there, too.

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  8. TimmmmCam

    Fair enough I suppose, but it doesn’t even have a? closing html tag! That’s just ugly.

  9. dewsqavfckmu

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  10. nuboy529

    I don’t think they validate when you park at corpoate? headquaters either… jerks.

  11. alundraandseptimus

    It’s MAJOR late in reply but no, I didnt have other problems. I tested it across all a bunch of OS’s and browsers and the ONLY one with an issue was IE. I didnt know why so I just removed it. I couldnt be bothered dealing with it.

    The page was white in the beginning then it would crash before loading. On some peoples computers it would just crash out without even starting. I hadnt changed anything on my site at all,? just added that. It was fine before it :).

  12. angadnadk

    Why fix what ain’t broken?? The aim of standardizing markup is to have no implementation-based differences. If Google can do a good job at that, then there isn’t any need for it to comply to a third party’s standards, no matter how popular that third party be.

  13. Karackal

    “Validation does not guarantee a site will look the same from platform to platform, from? browser to browser. ” This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature! HTML is intended to define the markup and then every browser on every device does its best at rendering it according to its capabilities, screen size, etc.. Designers want their babies to look the same pixel by pixel everywhere but that just isn’t how it is meant to be.
    Designers not getting this cause a lot of pain for their users 🙁


    :: these? idiots :: are now FORCING us to sign in, in order to change THAT STUPID mandatory background on google page ! They want us to sign in perhaps to trace OUR search ! who is SEARCHING WHAT. I do not see any other reason why they want to FORCE us to sign in in order to SEARCH !

  15. e2kkot

    why would it validate? There are like 100 000 sites which actually validate. There is no SEO value in W3C compliance, so nobody cares about it.?

  16. websitedesign4

    The very point of the W3C is to make web content available to all? users, regardless of platform or disability. By not validating and by not preferring sites that do, Google is culpable. Google, don’t be evil! Net neutrality matters – so does code neutrality! Open standards are the most important, proprietary code will just make the job harder in the future….

  17. gosko

    “cop out” was referring to his claim that it’s “important to realize that the vast majority of pages on the web don’t validate”

    Regarding byte count, if they were really worried about that they’d put all the css/js/image stuff? in separate files that could be fetched once, then cached and reused over and over, instead of delivering them inline with each and every request.

  18. jarrod1937

    Then you have other serious problems. I test all? additions to my site across different platforms and browsers and browser versions (and sub-versions) and never had analytics code fail that badly…

  19. jarrod1937

    Well when you’re serving up millions of people, just the structural code can make a very large difference. One reason why they minify their output? code. If you save 15 kb of structure code from being transferred, over 1 million hits that could save up to 14 gigs of transferred data! Considering they get millionS of hits i’d gather they’re save quite a bit through their efforts, far from a cop out.

  20. 2008stargate

    better idear how about thay check the sponsered link more often? it used to have a link to a pedophil site

  21. BirminghamDan

    google will probably change its mind before long, because logic says that w3c-validation is an indicator of accessibility, and accessibility is? in the interest of web users, so there should naturally be a preference for valid pages, even if only slight, it’s certainly one to add to the 200-long list.

  22. xdragus

    If you check any? of the big companies…many have 150+ errors. Perhaps it means that W3C is just a big joke on us that follow it to the bone.

  23. ceusa

    Boo! Excuses, excuses. Google needs to be a leader in standards and accessibility, like Yahoo! is doing.? Not make excuses on how they can save money (bandwidth) and other B.S.

  24. ParisVegaMedia

    Wow… I’m kinda surprised at how casually this issue was addressed. Is it really that hard for Google to see the benefits of a standards based internet? I wonder if they would see things differently if they would have been the ones to set the standard for? HTML?