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Why Are Backlinks Important?

Why Are Backlinks Important?
The important factor that affects the pagerank of a webpage is the number of backlinks that it has pointing to it. It is also likely to influence the search engine ranking position that a website shows up on. So it is necessary to understand the concept of backlinks and to use it judiciously. It can make a huge difference to how your website is perceived by the search engines .

What are Backlinks?

While they may sound like something intriguing and mysterious, they are nothing of the sort. The word external backlink merely refers to a link leading back to your website located on a site other than your website. It could be a link on a blog, a social networking site, a news feature on an online magazine. Any such site online which has a link that a person can click on and reach your website is a backlink.

How Does It Work?

Say you have a website which sells construction equipment.

You could go to a blog which has posts about DIY or do it yourself projects. Now say you leave a comment on one of the posts about how using a specific piece of equipment will make the task easier and give your website address with the comment. You have made a back link to your site. You will have to wait for the comment to be approved by the blog owner. It may be deleted if considered spam.

Do Follow Links and No Follow Links:

for Dofollow links pass on pagerank while nofollow ones do not. So you need to check the site to see if they give you backlinks which help boost your visibility on the net. Some popular sites may give you a no follow link, but may make up for it by providing you with a considerable volume of traffic.

You need to decide what is right for your web site. Online newspapers may give you no follow links but may also give you paying customers, so you may want your link there anyway.

Advantages of Backlinks:

The most obvious advantage of a back link as for website promotion is the fact that it will lead a reader to your site. Other than this, you will see that your website gains authority in the niche as more people see back links leading back to your web site to explain a point. If you have relevant information to offer you will also be able to convert more traffic that comes to your site into sales. Of course you will need to back up your backlink building with a good service or product so that people come back to your site. As any businessman will tell you the real money is in repeat business with the same customers. You look after them and they look after you.

A web based contact management software and an EAM application can really boost a company’s data management. A web contact management software ensures that more leads are converted into actual sales.

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