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What is the ideal keyword density of a page?

What is the ideal keyword density: 0.7%, 7%, or 77%? Or is it some other number? Matt Cutts, Bay Area, California Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos : Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:
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  1. Joe Ford

    Around 5% is generally accepted. It’s as much about making the content user friendly and? to try to have related words to the keywords you’re after. So if the key word you want to rank for is ‘coffee’ go with relative key words such as ‘mocha’, ‘beans’ or ‘caffeine’.

  2. GolfInTheZone

    MATT CUTTS -? 9 letters and 4 of then are T :0)

  3. Swetankization

    i got the motto! Matt really explains great! We should use keywords so? that it looks natural and yes healthy! you can use 99 or just 9. The better it blends with the content the more it ranks.

  4. TrimorphCorp

    so what’s the ideal? 2,? 3 14.5?

  5. rankoneadvertising

    This was a year ago, yet I still? see pages ranking with over 7% density every day. Pathetic…

  6. burkezillar

    I’ve watched a few videos? from Google about SEO, I’m left with the impression that Google make it up as they go along.

  7. BsaleAustralia

    Great video! Love the humour! We might be guilty of “keyword stuffing” Google is getting smart! Back to the creative drawing board!

  8. RealProRealtyTV

    Great explanation Matt. Keywords are an enigma to many real estate professionals. I am glad you acknowledge their importance. Would like? to hear more about the best ways to move up with search engine ranking.
    Agi Anderson
    Real PRO Advisor

  9. robwashington1

    I would say 25.34863? %.

  10. Moneybook2uComTV

    you very funny. like you? videos…

  11. Mikeroberts1987

    True that. I hate reading? a page that just reads like crap

  12. MatthiasHuehr

    @expploretovid: why not??

  13. tagSeoBlog

    Matt, do? you analyse the “site-wide keyword density” as an “autority-faktor”?

  14. pietergoyens

    Thanks for sharing this video, Matt.

    I like to add some personal thoughts: in an attempt to achieve some magical keyword density,? your webpage will become difficult to read and just looks spammy or unethical. If Google derived webpage relevancy based heavily on keyword density, then all you have to do is repeat your target term over and over. This isn’t where the true meaning of the page lies.

    Keyword density is a worthless SEO metric. And keyword density tools are a waste of time!

  15. tagSeoBlog

    url is? wrong 🙁

  16. exploretovid

    Don’t mention keyw*rd den*ity in the? comments!

  17. karlkratz101

    Why keyword density means mathematically nothing to search engines (German):

  18. toripaun


  19. MikeCraigsVideos

    Thanx, this makes sense?