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What is Directory Submission | Website Submit URL | Why Directory Submission

What is Directory Submission? Why Directory Submission? To get high PR backlinks! Website Directories are a key component of SEO and getting backlinks. When you submit your website url to a directory like (a website with a large list of free directories for you to submit your website url to) or http (one of the best actual directories where you can website submit url). I would also recommend submitting your website to various blogs and posting comments often on high PR blogs. Check out to find out the PR of any website. Google and Facebook have a PR of 10 which is the highest. The average website has a PR of 1. Thus, getting a link from a directory with a PR of 7 is equivalent to getting over 500 links from average websites with a PR of 0 or 1. To maximize traffic and SEO , I recommend you buy some backlinks from the best backlink service provider at http Also, for more FREE training (26 video course and 2 ebooks–no optin) check out

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