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What are Backlinks and Why Do I Need Links?

What are Backlinks? Explained by Learn what a Backlink is, how they work and their importance. Backlinks explained in this SEO

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  1. riem630

    Hey, Great video!! Quick question.. Does Youtube place a nofollow tag for
    links under video? (not the comments, rather under the video, like your
    domain name for ex.) Thanks!

  2. Franklin Lupitio

    Nice expanation on how backlinks work–you make it sound so simple.

  3. Kieran D

    Hi, Glad you like the video! Kieran

  4. Kieran D

    Hi Hoagie, First of all, it’s best not to get too hung up on why one
    particular site has a higher PR than another. One can achieve a High PR in
    the long term by tacking action and building quality pages and overall
    authority sites. However, a page that has a high PR is generally linked to
    by many pages that also have a high PR themsevles. As opposed to a page
    that has a low PR – it may just be a brand new page and therefore it has no
    links to acually support it being ‘important’ to Google.

  5. Kieran D

    @billingsclyde Thanks for your question. We defined backlinks in this link
    building tutorial as ‘postive votes.’ So it’s best not to get too hung up
    on backlinks hurting your overall SEO. There is no such thing as a
    ‘Negative Backlink.’ Understand that not all backlinks are created equal.
    Backlinks from sites related to yours are far more ‘Valuable’ than a link
    from a website where the content is not related to yours. We highlighted
    this in the video with our backlink example.

  6. Kieran D

    Hi there. Firstly, thanks for your kind words. What you say below is 100%
    correct. Yes, YouTube places a nofollow tag for your links in the
    description tag. If you think about it logically it also makes sense –
    otherwise imagine how much spamming would be going on in youtube (leading
    to spammy websites/low quality websites). Precisely why Google brought this
    tag into play in 2005 to cut down the levels of spamming across the web.
    Hope that answers your question. Thanks, Kieran

  7. billingsclyde

    I am trying to learn the importance of how back links work and the
    importance of the right kind of backlinks. I have heard that back links
    from sites that are not related to your site will not help and can actually
    hurt your seo is that true or just a bunch of bunk?

  8. Kieran D

    p.s I forgot to mention of course if you are in doubt to nofollow vs
    dofollow on a web page it is easily checked in Firefox. Just go to
    Firefox/Web Developer/View Page Source and then control f ‘nofollow.’ Kieran

  9. Sandra Turner

    that’s one smart puppet :).

  10. hoagiemcgee

    Your explanation here on how backlinks work is very good. I still am trying
    to figure out why some sites have a higher value as measured in page rank
    than others. Can you explain?

  11. Kieran D

    @mhud3141 Thanks for your kind comments on the link building tutorial
    tutorial video. Goodluck with your website and if you need any further help
    please get in touch.

  12. collinzellar

    Hey, I have been looking for a service like this. Clever presentation by
    the way.

  13. Kieran D

    Well no defining reason why but I guess there are two main reasons. 1) Blue
    is a very distinguishable color when used with black text (which most web
    pages will display). 2) Become the norm over the internet landscape and you
    only have to look at the Google Search results to see Google loves blue on
    black too!

  14. grantrich40

    I like the way you define backlinks. Can you tell me this. Why are they
    most often blue?

  15. Kieran D

    Thanks for the feedback, Kieran

  16. mhud3141

    Hi I just wanted to say thanks for this helpful information answering the
    question what are backlinks. I have just published my first website and am
    learning that backlinks are very important. I noticed you have other
    helpful video as well. I am now off to watch those.

  17. jb smith

    VERY cleaver, got my attention right away…..good job.

  18. Karen Musselman

    I love this little guy! But then, I was a big fan of The Muppet Show too.

  19. Kieran D

    Hi Collin, Thanks for you kind comments on the video. Feel free to get in
    touch with me at any time and let me know how I can help. Thanks, Kieran