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Website performance evaluation

Website performance evaluation

To gain success in the online business internet marketing is very important. In internet marketing setting the goals and working towards it will help the website owners to benefit the most. Without any goals to develop and monitor the website the site will be just online announcing that there is some business.


If the webmasters like their site to perform some kind of action like filling the form, purchasing them, etc there are some steps that they can follow to make sure that the website is functioning at peak efficiency. The first indication to find out how well the site is working is to find the number of visitors in a given period of time. A good way of measurement can be done in the month in which the webmasters have not done any of the usual offline promotional activities.


On the other hand if the site has been just visited by hundreds of people it does not mean that the site is successful. Those visitors must have actually done something in the site there. It is very important to monitor the site visitors who have particularly made some purchase though the website. The difference between both visitors is called as site conversion rate.


To find the actual conversion rate of the site, one can take the number of visitors per month and then find out the percentage of them who have actually performed some action in the site. Let us take for example if the site has 2000 unique hits and 25 of them have done some actions in the site then the conversion rate for the site is 1.25 percentage. This is calculated by taking the number of visitors and dividing that by the number of visitors who done some action. And then the result is divided by 100.


If the webmasters have built the site to get a form filled by the visitors, then they have to make sure to see the difference between the conversion rate and the sales conversion rate.

This is very important because not all the visitors who are filling the form will actually become the customers.


On the other hand, whether the site has been set up to sell a product or to get a form filled by the visitors, the conversion rate of the site will help the webmasters to success and failure of the website whenever the web owner makes changes to the website.


If the webmasters find the traffic of the website to be very low then they have to implement some more internet marketing strategies. There are many more effective methods to improve the traffic of a site. The most particular method is launching a search engine optimization campaign. This method will increase the site position in search engine result page so that customers will easily be able to find the website faster and easier.


It is always advisable to have a professional to evaluate a copy of the website. This is because they will be able to make a difference between the profit and loss of the online campaign.

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