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Here in this article you can find some useful tips that will help you design your website attractively and make them download quickly.


With increasing bandwidth more webmasters are developing the complex websites that is loaded with heavy graphics. On the other hand you can also find websites that take very few minutes to load their content. The point to be noted is that user will not wait for a log time to get the website to be loaded. If the website takes a long time to load then they will move on to the next website in the search result.


So you can ask a question that why webmasters are still developing websites that have slow loading time. It is mainly due to lack of knowledge in simple graphics optimization techniques.

How many of you all know that round corner box can be achieved with CSS code without use of any graphical image. So dealing with these common mistakes with the help of website optimization can be a very simple solution.


Never restrict the web designer by introducing restrictions that have a bad effect on the final outcome. One can say that what ever the web designer can do with graphics cannot be implemented by the code. I totally disagree with this. When the designer finishes its design it is ready for to be sliced with the help of HTML code. The designers creativity is tested here. Anything that is done to the design at this stage will affect the total size of the page.


For efficient slicing make small number of slices that will contain limited number of colors. Don’t make a large slice that will contain similar graphic structure. Then you can slice a small portion of it and can duplicate it in the code. Avoid using JPEG file format try using GIF format for smaller size.


Generally optimizing the website is just like knowing how to optimize the image. So there are some techniques that are required for high level programming. Now CSS2 offer more advanced features then CSS. At the same time javascript also offers some advance application like flash to build the desired effects without any difficulty. All these will make your site to look different from other websites. At the same time you will also have attractive professional looking website that will be loaded quickly.


Since in the modern world most of the people use mobile phones and mini laptops with wireless internet connection, creating fast loading websites will not only help the people who use wide bandwidth connection but also for the people who use wireless devices making them feel the browsing user friendly.


For those who argue that web site optimization is not necessary since everyone will stick to have high bandwidth connection, I also agree to this point to some extern. Conversely many software companies are building applications that uses high bandwidth because they all know that it is available. But the point I can stick is that try to optimize web pages since the marketing game will never end and to the best part try to learn the rules of the games.

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