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Video Sitemaps ? Learn Video Sitemaps With Google: How-to Create Sitemaps For Google Video SEO

Video Sitemaps for Google Video SEO – Learn how to create XML video sitemaps for Google ? This is a recording of a free webinar put on by with Google. We had Google teaching attendees how to create, and submit a video sitemap for video SEO . Both Nelson Lee (the guy in charge of Video sitemaps at Google Videos ) and Amy MacIsaac from Google as our featured speakers and we addressed best practices and tips on how to create a XML video sitemap for Google. When you create a video sitemap and submit it to Google, you will have the ability for your video content to be indexed within Google Videos ’ index. Once you have your video indexed in Google Videos search index, you’re video will be eligible for inclusion into Google’s other search products, including: Google web search, Google Universal Search, and other search products whereby they serve video results (think TV.) So, while this is a long video, you can actually skip directly to the Video Sitemaps topics of interest: Mark Robertson – Video Sitemaps and Google Video Overview – 04:58 Amy MacIsaac – Video Sitemap Required Elements – 11:10 Nelson Lee – Best Practices for Video Sitemaps – 15:01 Video Sitemap Q&A – 23:56 You can learn more about video sitemaps and about this webinar here: Webinar – SEO Guide for Video – News about Sitemaps – Each day, Google connects millions of users to all types of videos – from 30-second clips to full-length TV episodes. They

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  1. reelseo

    It was a free webinar.?

  2. 77alkurdi

    A few years ago i took the time to answer a Google survey one of the survey questions was
    How to improve the way that Google can Explained the results
    My humble answer was use video
    Thank god they finally did.
    It seems like educated people just can’t help? but to keep flapping their jaws when trying to explain how to ie ( use a site map for my video ) what’s with the intro dude why does it take an hour just to tell us who is involved in the solutions to this problem?
    Can you just do an example?Da

  3. mferradino

    Very interesting. Let´s assume I am using Video Content offred by a professional Video Content agency, and I am just streaming the video that is located on the agencies servers with a player. How would all of the best practices work in this case? Would a sitemap work as well? What are the basic Video? SEO basics in this case? Thanks!

  4. bbiottawa

    Great information quality stuff. Thanks for the info on? site and video sitemaps
    Best regards,

  5. bbiottawa

    Great information quality stuff. Thanks for the info? on? site and video sitemaps

    Best regards,

  6. digitalbreakthroughs

    If your videos are only on? YouTube, you don’t need to do a sitemap.

  7. MyTomkaG

    I’d love to know How to register my YouTube channel to the google webmaster If I have 2 google accounts ( User :1.mytomkag and 2.debiuziel ).I tried but …Thanks? Debi

  8. conikicon008

    Excellent program ! This video has been of excellent assistance to us. Thank you so much for your time in providing this information. Do you? offer your service abroad ? We are in Australia. Thanks for your help. Regards Con.

  9. behindthetanlines


  10. ryansteinolfson

    Great stuff.? Thanks for the info on site maps

  11. reelseo

    Thanks. Yeah, sorry about that but it was the best we could do as it was? actually recorded on GotoMeeting with everyone calling in remotely… 🙁 Sorry, it was all we could do.

  12. Gunnarpilot

    I think this channel is just what i need today. The only bad thing is that? this profesional video site has so bad sound. A chain isn´t stronger than the weakest link 🙂 . Anyway we have also found out that video is a very good thing for a site and now also for SEO and VSEO. Gunnar “Pilot” in Sweden.

  13. leedsvideoproduction

    Great video,? thanks guys for creating this..