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Vancouver Search Engine Optimization Company Plus Tips on What Really Happens With SEO

Vancouver Search Engine Optimization Company Plus Tips on What Really Happens With SEO

Article by Puya Turkiyan

Vancouver Search Engine Optimization Company Plus Tips on What Really Happens With SEOSearch Engines – SE Optimization

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A&G Creative is a Vancouver search engine optimization company that specializes in SEO services and website optimization. Our SEO services include paid search engine marketing and pay per click (PPC) advertising

As one of Vancouver’s premier search engine marketing firms we bring the most obvious benefit of search engine optimization, which is traffic. Without traffic, you don’t have anybody visiting your website to convert into customers. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to attract targeted traffic for your website.

Benefits of SEO implementation:

Targeted Traffic
Increased Visibility
Higher ROI
Long Term Positioning
Measurable Results

There are countless ways to generate traffic, but often times the visitors are not properly targeted, and thus end up viewing your site but not converting to customers. It’s important to attract the right traffic, qualified visitors for your site. With intelligent search engine optimization, your website’s pages will attract qualified visitors who are searching on specific keywords and keyword phrases. This is what quality traffic means – getting the right people, potential clients, to view your website that want to see your content. Just like in the offline world, when you create a business, you have to tell people about it. You don’t just open the front door and hope people find out about you.

You need exposure, and since there are millions of people online, you especially need targeted exposure. The benefits of properly optimizing your website will not be immediate. Your competitors will not sit back idly and let you have all the glory. If you invest in the initial SEO tasks now, but not in maintaining your presence in major search engines , then your SEO investment is a waste of your valuable time and money. Right now your competitors are attracting visitors for keyword phrases that apply to your company’s products and services.

The reality is, most of your competitors have likely implemented an SEO campaign and are profiting because of it. Business is competitive, but you can get your share of those visitors that are using search engines to find your products and services. Search engines need help to identify what your website pages are all about. That’s what on-page optimization is – setting up your pages to make relevant data clear to the search engines .

Benchmark Current & Future Traffic

A detailed ranking report of how your site currently ranks in the major search engines , and analysis of where your current traffic is coming from, will provide us with a base line. These benchmark reports will be made available to you quarterly for us to review together progress that has been made. With this benchmark, we’ll be able to view tangible results that implementing a creative SEO campaign can bring over time.

Keyword and Keyphrase Research

Optimizing your website for the major search engines must include keyword research. Each page of your website needs to be optimized for a particular keyword or keyword phrase, so that people searching on those phrases and keywords will see your site ranked high in the search engines . In order to properly optimize your website, we need to identify what the best keywords and keyword phrases would be for every page of your website.

Using professional industry standard keyword research tools, we will generate a large listing of keyword phrases related to your industry. From that research, we will recommend individual keyword phrases and keywords to be associated with each page of your site for your approval. We will provide a detailed report on how the chosen keywords are being searched on.

Competitive Website Analysis

In order to compete, you need to know what your competition is doing. They are targeting certain keywords to attract potential clients, and these keywords need to be taken into consideration. Many of your competitors will likely also have inbound links from other websites.

This is important to identify, because you’ll want your website linked at some of those places as well (link building is an important part of any SEO campaign and discussed in more detail later on).

Using a variety of website competition analysis tools, we will identify what keywords your top competitors are using to generate traffic. We will identify demographics of the visitors on your competitors site(s) as well as your own website. We will need assistance from you in identifying your competitors. Sometimes your organic search engine competition is different from what you might think. Using a variety of website analysis tools, we will identify and analyze the inbound links to your competitors’ websites. All information will be provided in a detailed report.

Creating Site-Wide META Tags

META tags are part of your website pages that users cannot see. They include keywords and keyword phrases describing your site and a description of your services. It used to be that search engines placed a lot of importance on Meta tags, and without them you would be severely harming your chances of ranking well.

We evaluate each website page for proper keywords and keyphrase placement. This is otherwise known as adequate keyword density. We will recommend modifications to key website pages for inclusion of site-wide meta tags

Website Optimization

This is an essential part of the SEO campaign. After identifying your website’s keywords, and key phrases, each page needs to be modified to properly utilize and reflect those keywords. This allows us to optimize each page for the search engines individually.

We will perform an extensive audit of your website and its structure. From the findings of our website audit we will recommend website modification. Analyze what pages are missing (such as a 404 Error page, external links etc.). Make appropriate recommendations for additional content that will help with overall positioning in the search engines . Monitor your website using Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Central.

Web Directories and Search Engine Submission

There was a time when search engine companies would claim to submit your website to thousands of search engines . With approximately 82% of the search engine market share (as of June 21, 2011), Google must be a priority. We also take great care to submit your site to the ‘big three’ engines and directories; Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We submit to both the Canadian and United States versions of each search engine .

Link Development Campaign

All of the SEO tasks above are critical in optimizing your website for visibility and successful placement in search engines . They are still only a part of the equation. The major search engines , especially Google, qualify a website on more than just on-page optimization. They actually check to see who is linking to a site in order to grade your overall ranking. To rank well in the search engines , you want to have other sites consider your website as important. This is often referred to as building page rank or relevance.

Google feels if other sites are linking to your site that raises the importance of your website as an authority in its field. Google also counts quality outbound links as valuable to your overall page rank. Getting related quality sites to link to your site isn’t a quick process, but it isn’t very complicated either. Research has to be done to select quality related sites that are not competitive to your efforts. Sometimes getting other sites to link to yours will mean contacting the site owner, and other times it’s simply submitting your site to a directory. We take on this responsibility for the duration of your SEO contract with A&G Creative.

That’s part one of link development. The next part is about building back links. Any link that goes to your website is considered a back link, and while you should build up links from related sites, there are many other ways to a) generate back links and b) increase your website traffic.

Generating back links is widely known as a great way to increase traffic to a website. The end result is always “How do I get more people to my website?” We will propose a thorough Link Development Campaign if you are interested.

Creating Ongoing Content

We understand that you have a business to run. Adding content to your website each week may not be easy or even possible. It is important to consider that a growing, content rich website is viewed highly in the eyes of the search engines . There are many solutions to providing fresh content for your website. If this is something you are interested in, A&G Creative can offer advice and guidance.

Ongoing Maintenance Plan

Once all of the above tasks are implemented, and enough time has passed to gain visibility and ranking in the search engines , testing and tweaking begin. As was mentioned earlier, your competitors are not going to sit idle while your website continues to compete and find success out there. It’s important to monitor and maintain your positive results, never resting on past efforts.

Search engines change their algorithms on a consistent basis. Google alone has had dozens of updates in the past year. Unless this is something you want to keep continually informed about, you will want someone to monitor these changes and adapt your website to stay up to date. We can discuss an ongoing relationship if and when you decide it’s an important step for your business.

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Puya Turkiyan is a SEO specialist at with the site of

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Puya Turkiyan

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Puya Turkiyan is a SEO specialist at with the site of

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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