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Understanding the Bedini Circuit

A crappy animation showing the flow of current in the Bedini SSG circuit using the schematic. Hopefully it will help people understand what is happening in the circuit. I’ve added some annotations to show the difference between Back EMF and Flyback Voltage. Flyback Voltage is the correct term for the energy coming from the collapsing magnetic field. Back EMF is the term used for the voltage generated by the rotor magnets passing the stator. Only in certain configurations can the Back EMF be used to charge the battery because in a standard configuration the Back EMF’s voltage is lower than the charging battery’ voltage.

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  1. slurp812

    True!? They would need to increase the WATTS. High voltage but super low current doesn’t give you more power/watts.

  2. denp54z

    i like the video,? it’s not “crappy”

  3. moviejacker

    I hate the term over unity. As this make fun of physicians.
    If you use a small battery to power a coil that moves a motor. That is not over unity.
    But if you use the output to? move or create pwer in another coil or a type of triple or quad coil format to reproduce electricity. It isnt over unity. It called exploiting wasted energy.

  4. moviejacker

    All, inductive( motors ) loads produce back EMF (electro motive force)? hence protection like diodes to prevent damage to control circuit transistors etc.
    Here it is being used n not wasted.

  5. kal9001

    There are many examples of people who think they have created something special because they can turn a lower volatage into a higher voltage and mistaking this for actually increasing the power of the? system. creating inductive kickback and trying to claim that the kickback is “free energy” doesnt quite seem to tick the box. Its not anywhere near as stupid as most free energy claims.

  6. X3zi

    In the event the machine could use geomagnetism to propel the moving part, the circuit could absorb energy from that magnetic field. This doesn’t violate? the 2nd law. Please note that I’m not defending the video by any means.

  7. sorova


  8. larryross101

    Does it make you feel good to call someone else an idiot just because you don’t know what they know? All? you are showing is how much you don’t know.

  9. larryross101

    You are wrong… back EMF refers to the current induced in the coil by the collapse of the magnetic field. This current moves in the opposite direction of the original current this the term back EMF. The motor doesn’t create anything simply by rotating. Guess you don’t know as much as you claim. This circuit doesn’t create anything… it simply conserves part of the energy used. The banner that labels back EMF is in the wrong sequence. You won’t find? anything about conserving in the old books.

  10. Downarrow2

    there#s many potential problems about this (“besides” the fact that laws of physics don’t? allow this to work).
    ->inductivity of coils.
    ->coils work opposedly in cycle 2, too!

  11. abywater

    Been wondering about this circuit….Can I suggest you use the correct names for things, so that those of us with correct knowledge and understanding? can relate to what’s being shown? Specifically, “back EMF” normally refers to the current induced in an electric motor rotor by virtue of its motion (=because it’s turning). Using the term “back EMF” to describe EMF generated by a collapsing magnetic field is confusing – and inaccurate.

  12. GBiv78

    So your dots are conventional flow? ?

  13. RandomPsychic

    Energy is still conserved in the end, however the perceived energy in (that you pay for), is considerably less? than what you get in the battery (after the longitudinal to transverse conversion).

  14. RandomPsychic

    This electric field is longitudinal and when it is expressed to the electrons in the battery, it is translated into a transverse form. That? is why you cannot measure the current going in because there is none.

  15. RandomPsychic

    The missing theory (in contemporary electrical engineering) here is found in physics (from 30 years ago). It is to do with Broken Symmetry and a principle engineers are not taught (unless they study quantum physics too).? And that is, An irreversible Dissipative Process has coupled to it a randomly fluctuating electric field in the vacuum.

  16. RandomPsychic

    In short Energy In = Energy out. Losses are still energy out. Usually heat. A flyback charge circuit like this one relies on a negative potential with zero dQ/dt or almost zero charge current. The source battery is not being “siphoned” to charge the secondary battery as many think. It is purely? there to generate the pulse as the field collapses.

  17. templedog69


  18. nnadine1973


  19. schneekoenig16

    Sorry w w w . m? otelek. net He will explain? ….

  20. schneekoenig16

    w w? w . m otelek. com He will explain …..

  21. DubxbuD

    What if you started with two batteries and? a photonic crystal array tuned to infrared bandwidth which converted heat to electricity using the piezoelectric effect then charged the system periodically with a joule thief circuit? You’re not violating LCE or creating overunity. You’re just using ambient e-m energy in a more efficient way i.e. charging your batteries faster than they are depleted.

  22. PEEPAW70

    good? luck

  23. PEEPAW70


  24. tnick2


    “Equating voltage to charge is an error”

    Are you serious?!
    Have you no idea what a capacitor is?

    As an EE I’m dismayed when not only do the people who try to wake up the world to new forms of energy lack a good grounding in electronics but that those who try to debunk these new technologies have even less of an understanding.?

  25. guidomith

    He explains a complex idea using complex terms LOL
    Chances are If I understood the complex terms I wouldnt need you to explain the concept?