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Understanding Australian Wine Index.

Understanding Australian Wine Index.

Enter the world of Australian Wine Index,where wine is savoured, revered,enjoyed, invested in, collected. Dealing specifically in Australian fine wine, AWI was founded to bring this vibrant and exceptional market of wines to the Asia Pacific region.

With offices in Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, AWI holds the unique position to service
the region, be it China or Indonesia, Australia or Thailand. Understanding that fine wine appreciation
crosses cultural boundaries and geographical borders, AWI has ensured its workforce has the sensitivity and capability to deal with clients throughout the region, despite language or culture.

The services provided by AWI raise your interest in fine wine to a passionate and profitable art form. Services range from fine wine selection and advice to capital growth potential of fine wines.

The past decade has seen fine wine collection prove to be hugely profitable,jumping in value four times between 1991 and 2001.

Australian Wine Index extends the world of fine wine collection for you by providing a path into the investment
world as well. As Australian blue chip wines continue to earn record breaking auction prices and cult wines continue to yield their impressive profit margins (from 50% to 200% in some cases), the Australian fine wine market will continue to thrive under this multifarious and exciting combination. A market kept in constant invigoration, the Australian fine wine industry looks set to continue its growth.

The storage of your wine is one of the most important details of collecting wine. AWI keeps all wine stored at Cougar Express Logistics in Singapore ( Your wines will be held in bond in a climate controlled facility within a customs licensed premise (no customs duty or GST unless the wine is consumed in Singapore).

Since its inception, AWI has been dedicated to sourcing the most sought after wines found in Australia. They
have forged strong ties with vineyards throughout Australia and attain the latest and biggest names in the Australian fine wine industry at competitive prices.

The services provided by AWI encompass the gamut that covers fine wine collection, from attaining wine for collectors to providing capital growth advice to those who desire to receive a profit gain from their wine collection. AWI provides its services throughout the Asia Pacific region, with clients based throughout every major Asian city. Services are now also available to residents in Australia and New Zealand.

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