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Tutorial: Using a FREE SEO Scorecard to Write Keyword Optimized Web pages

How to use for writing SEO -Friendly, Google & Customer-Relevant Content for Your Website. http Why? So when prospective customers search on “your” keyphrase, your website is on Google’s 1st page. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use to write more relevant content. Why’s that important? Because the more relevant the content is to your visitors, the more likely Google will send a steady-stream of traffic your way. We’re going to analyze a blog post by Jack Malcom: 9 Steps to Thinking Better on Your Feet. Jump over to Tab 3, the synoptic keyword tools, and go right to the Power-ranked keywords. Using our 9-factor algorithm, has calculated that from Google’s perspective, Jack’s article can be summarized with just 4 keywords: Steps. Thinking. Practical. Feet. In that order. In other words, Steps takes priority over thinking, thinking has priority over practical, and so forth. Now, I can’t tell you if that’s what Jack intended, but that’s what Google thinks the article is about. In fact, since Jack’s article is already published on the web, I can prove it to you. Without leaving the page, I’ll do a Google search using these first 4 keywords. In this case, Jack’s article is ranked first. What you just witnessed is remarkable isn’t it? In seconds we analyzed a web page and correctly determined exactly how Google actually indexed the page. At this point, if you were Jack and unsatisfied with the results, you
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