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The Wormhole: “Back to the Future” Coffee Shop With A DeLorean A new coffee shop opens in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Called “The Wormhole,” it dubs itself a “time traveler’s coffee shop” with a heavy influence from “Back to the Future.” The shop features a real DeLorean equipped with BTTF time circuits. Read my full story about The Wormhole here: And visit them here… The Wormhole 1462 N. Milwaukee Chicago IL

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24 Responses

  1. RobertBlox

    I just hope the rear? lenses don’t fade from sun exposure.

  2. SmoshGal123

    My? sister works there so I could tell you ^.^

  3. WinryRulez


  4. suzukiaddress125

    hmm if it doesn’t have an? engine…how would you accelerate to 88mph?

  5. agentEE7

    lol mr fusion was a coffee? maker and this is a coffe shop!

  6. TheWilsonChannel

    If I get inside the de lorean, and If I get something for the Mr.Fusion, and If I get a train to move the car, because have no engine, I will came back to 1995? If it’s possible I’ll get a engine for the de lorean. Only that I have to make? the time travel a reality, that’s the only problem

  7. edwood777

    i love the barista more than the car.?

  8. TheJoseph4774

    I came here for the DeLorean, but I will come back for the legs of the reporter chick? at the end.

  9. killatedddybear

    where is the store?

  10. deltaleader37

    Thats too bad I would go there because I love back to the future but I live in? boston.

  11. BaronXS


  12. TergumUtPosterus

    Don’t get me wrong…the Ghostbusters poster is? awesome…
    but “…probably the thing we’re most proud of here…”???
    Did you forget about the FREAKING DELOREAN IN YOUR WINDOW?!!?!

  13. ShenaVick

    Asian beauties are waiting for? you “”

  14. deltaleader37

    where? is it?

  15. Wheeljack35

    That? place is sweet!


    Engines? If this shop is worth its beans, they’d have adapted it for hover conversion. Where they’re? going, they don’t need engines.

  17. thethinkingmatt

    80s movies rule! MARTY… GREAT COFFEE!?

  18. mjleshock

    Ha! It doesn’t have? an engine. Good luck getting it out of there. Thanks for watching.

  19. Akoblenz

    that thing will be? stolen so fast / that’s awesome

  20. krista243

    Whoaa, I want to go! They should? make one in NY

  21. GreatBritishGamers

    I so wanna go…Pretty much the world’s best coffee shop. And the Mocha puffs..mmmmmmmmm look so good :D?

  22. something17

    @BrianCliftonDotCom:? Probably why people watch the news in Chicago =]

  23. sideshowlucas012

    the Tron poster. Chuck… =D? BTTF KICKS ASS!!!!

  24. CoffeeCupNews

    haha, NIce. I love this for obvious? reasons. I need to visit Chicago soon!