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The Story of Bottled Water (2010) The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand—how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap. Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industrys attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces. The film concludes with a call to take back the tap, not only by making a personal commitment to avoid bottled water, but by supporting investments in clean, available tap water for all. Our production partners on the bottled water film include five leading sustainability groups Corporate Accountability International, Environmental Working Group, Food & Water Watch, Pacific Institute, and Polaris Institute. And, for all you fact checkers out there,

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  1. Antkill12

    Ummm they are now selling? bottle

  2. 635574

    looking at this 2 years? later, the world has decayed at? record rates, but now I know much more than ever, WhatOnEarthIsHappening com, Kymatica documentary and the Venus project are necessary knowledge in this era.

  3. antichyrst123

    Yeah, that is the problem with tap water, which is why I get distilled water from the store. I don’t buy Fiji water or anything that expensive but I’M NOT drinking the same water that people shit in when it’s not even really treated properly.?

  4. OKOH2O1

    Try this? :

  5. WaoKid


  6. legitchinese2

    oh wow i saw this? in school 😀

  7. antichyrst123

    Yeah but our tap water where I am is so disgusting sometimes its yellow…. You have to have bottled? water.

  8. viriatoist

    An old, ugly, fat, nag, nagging. This is what nags without a? life do: they nag.

  9. kcd85

    Not to mention… deadly toxins are also absorbed into bottled mineral water from their plastic containers.? Drink out of aluminium or recycled glass bottles! 🙂

  10. jsquad31

    And what happens when my plumbing breaks but the store can’t sell bottled water? Should I really have to die? or get sick drinking river water just to please the environmentalists? Leave it to a liberal to not think beyond step one.

  11. jsquad31

    Because most people don’t want to be arrested for drinking? water out of a plastic container.

  12. jsquad31

    Gay marriage is up to the states and most conservatives want to keep it that way. The real difference on abortion between conservatives and liberals is conservatives are more concerned about the welfare of the fetus while liberals care more about the woman. Cons see the fetus as a human being. Going along with the argument that we should at least have? the choice, cons see it as the choice to commit murder. Not that it even matters since nothing has changed in the 40 years since roe v wade.

  13. mhgreen3000

    Yeah that’s right up there with:

    Conservatives: I don’t like gay marriage or abortions, so I’ll make federal laws to ban both.

    Liberals: If I don’t like gay marriage or abortion I’ll steer clear of marrying? a? gay person or having an abortion.

  14. Jaws10214

    why isn’t this chick? the President yet?

  15. stebecool


  16. natsukashiinoneko

    Since you seem? to be so good at reading my thoughts, I leave you to chat with yourself :).

  17. stebecool

    Really, your signature argument has come down to capitalism being an “illusion of freedom”? Is that the best you can come up with? Sounds a lot better than the ACTUAL abolition of freedom through government decree (socialism) through your slobbering aspiration? to control everyone’s decisions and micromanage everyone’s lives

  18. tongue17

    but does bottled water like aquafina have flouride or chlourine or trace pharmaceutical drugs in it? because I know? aquafina goes through a 7 step filter process that’s why I drink it.

  19. blumac81

    But I should note that I buy 1 bottle of water every 2 weeks, and then keep refilling that one with Deep? Rock water (CO’s 5 gallon distributor)

  20. blumac81

    Man? I love my bottled water!

  21. natsukashiinoneko

    What better slavery than the one based on? the illusion of freedom?

  22. Madsovic999

    I have to agree on this. I laughed cynically inside when i saw a water bottle saying “co2 neutral”, because no matter how you make it,? shipping stuff around is not co2 neutral

  23. 1redrider100

    The UN doesn’t really have many rights, but I do agree with it’s statement. A government should at the very LEAST give free access to water. You can only go 3-7 days (varies a bit) without water and if you let the water supply polute or be? nonexistent, then you make plumbing much more expensive for all your citizens. And also, the UN is considered the ‘Authority’ on Human Rights, but can’t really use said authority. Mostly the UN is just a big red button that may or may not be pressed against u