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The sims 3 house – Olactra 39 – Chrillsims3

___READ INFO___ hello i have much to talk about here.. first i had to change my intro and outro song (sorry for that) beacuse of Copyright 🙁 also i really need to know what you thinking that i do a commentary on my videos .. will it destroy my videos ? tell me in the comments please 🙂 Video and House: i have to say that im not really happy about the house layout 🙁 i took almost 2 days to make that right.. but one of my best gardens.. so the garden made this house ^^ the video itself is very good i think ^^ and is over 7 min long so enjoy that… i give the house 7 of 10 .. is not the best house i ever done but im sure that you will enjoy it 🙂 Chrillsims3 Website: im still building on my website .. actually the website is almost soon finnished it just need text to my pages. i will make a video of it when its done 🙂 Chrillsims3 Neighbourhood many ask me when the neighbourhood will be finnished and here is the answer: i dont even think it would be released this year.. WHY? because a house takes almost 1 – 2 week to do.. so building houses must i do almost all the time to put up on youtube 😛 so it very hard to get the time to build on my neighbourhood 🙁 AND people have also to understand that building a world is NOT like building houses and it takes a very long time to be finnished. Download: this house is for now just available at the TSR site… i really recommend that you download from TSR because you will get all my custom floors and walls and some other downloads i
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25 Responses

  1. leonardo Formagio

    nunca nunca + nunca vi casa melhor, nota 10? mano

  2. TheLOL4DUDE

    Learn the lesson guys. Have a big house is more important than have a big… okok maybe i’m wrong.. otherways slap that materialist? bitch !!!

  3. rifahehe

    how could you make the? video have the story like that? I want to upload my house too but I don’t know how to make the video good.. please tell me 🙁

  4. SqaureEyedJak

    Got that job? at EA yet?!

  5. msanto01

    good im not only? one… who nodiced

  6. gyarreto

    the fuck? he didn’t? used the stairs but when around it ?

  7. Jerricka00

    Late? Night

  8. LazyBoy961

    I would of slapped the bitch right in her face,? then chucked her in the pond

  9. Michaela Teofilovic

    No. Curtis’s is better ._.
    I actually didn’t like the content in this at all, I was just lookin’ around and what? not. lol.

  10. DesignedByCookiez

    People cheat because who they’re cheating on just isn’t putting out as good as they’d? like. You’re only here because Chrill’s content is better.

  11. ElLocoLaPico

    materialist bitch!!?

  12. Whiteparadice

    1:42 which song is? this ? I love it !!

  13. hamstergirl591

    This? is almost 2 years old, but I LOVE the commentary.

  14. hamstergirl591

    The rooms are so realistically laid out! I keep wondering why? I have such a hard time designing homes in Sims, then I look around at my own place and realize that real life or video game, I just suck at interior design XD

  15. ghaleb998

    ohhhhh the next song <3 Abba yes? i love this song

  16. Villenza

    4:38 “i think I’ll? just walk around the stairs”

  17. Suitman Wetsters

    what is the name of the song??? (not simlish one)

  18. Suitman Wetsters

    extreme cool house, but i cannot download it because? my one is cracked so i don’t know to to download contents…:(

  19. michellerh1

    they need to make one that has EVERYTHING on it.?

  20. michellerh1

    ohh, i just have the normal sims 3.. no pet one or party one or? late night :/

  21. ilovepinas123

    Someone tell mi where did he placed? this lot?

  22. Sheridan Tagpnuo

    I like? this house

  23. louischido

    They are from the ambitions EP, and of course the work, but sometimes? it can be a pain to do the laundry

  24. louischido


    It would be awesome if at the en he would rejected her!!!

  25. louischido

    Well you won’t unless you have late night EP, if you do, it should be? where you can find the guitar and the easel