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The sims 3 house building – Romandia 6

i think this will be my intro music 😀 anyway i said that i was going to do a mega tutorial but it didnt work out 🙁 so i put that project away from now… still hating my voice 🙁 but i think i did it very good 🙂 hmm… this is a old, romantic mansion i guess… so if you have sims that want love this is house for you it have: 1 Kitchen/Dinner 3 Bathrooms 1 Livingroom/Study 1 Master Bedroom 1 Laundry and a double garage… I going to do a competiton here on youtube very soon and i going to do a video of it… more info about my competition will be on my offical chrillsims3 website… and it is 🙂 _________DOWNLOAD THE HOUSE__________ (before you visit my site you need to know that that site is not complete it are few pages that i have not worked on) here is the download link to my offical website (Download page) here is the link to offical the sims exhange page. and for news and updates follow me on facebook
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25 Responses

  1. DaToories

    Whats the song, at the? beginning?:)

  2. JamesParker0221

    3:30 Hipsters? don’t use the stairs

  3. Onnorc11

    Does anyone? here care??? Exactly!

  4. FrozenKing142

    i missread the title romania? 6

  5. dbeatrice21


  6. kerzkiie malbz

    ahaha thats so true our sims? are lucky as! 😀 i wanna be a sim 🙁

  7. winxroxs101


  8. niac1231

    This is? so beautiful!! Please do more houses like this one. 😀

  9. patrick mcfalls

    Pulls out ring? will you marry me?

  10. KroySS14

    notice how he’s saying have a nut?? on the cellphone at beginin xD

  11. TheSims3Lover14

    I? Love The Way You Say Waterfall!:)

  12. MrJedhouse

    if u know what? i mean

  13. MegaDominiqueB

    Small nice house? is very good

  14. Girl23Hot


  15. CharleneFed


  16. BobBuilder102

    I like them both THE? SAME.

  17. Xenn9956

    you talk like an? italian

  18. ninchen5897

    they both on they own way good!!!! (sorry for my bad english im from germany :)? )

  19. Joeylovesbubbletea

    i Think He Adds a bit too? much stuff in the house but i still luv it!

  20. animaljamcooper

    OMG I CAN’T EXPLIAN HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!! Love it just? love it

  21. misslenedilla

    Is it stuff in? there When we download it? 🙂

  22. AtVyOrTkA

    @Chrillsims3 you ARE BEST !!!

  23. HotelRetroz

    @megaDON227 i totally? with you buddy

  24. David2751


  25. TheBorac99

    Lol you and curtis shoud do a town together. He shoud build interior and you shoud do the landscaping cuz are the best guy i ever seen doing the? gardens