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The Sims 3 – House building – Prexus 100 – Chrillsims3

Hello everyone im back 🙂 with a house called prexus 100 and im proud to say that i created my best interior, garden design yet (i took it to a whole new level). anyway im working on big, huge update on my website i have done the design of it and a new page called poll, where you can vote and stuff… but it much left to do.. and i havent updated my blog on a very long time (sorry) but im gonna change that very soon. Prexus is nice big modern mansion.. and that thing that make this house so special is the build in under-house-pool that looks amazing from the garden and with one of my best interior design yet you feel home already when your sims walks into the door.. _________Download__________ here is the link to download this house: _________Links__________ Follow me on my facebook page: Follow me in twitter: Want news and updates visit my website and blog: Link to my second channel: thank you for watching and “my job is to make your sims happy” //Chrillsims3
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  1. SoUrLookinHuh

    Oh this dictionary in my? hand? It’s about to be thrown at your face.

  2. RockMyLifes

    Excuse me e.e I’m not very? good in english S:

  3. superkittysupercute

    thumbs up if you saw the? unicorn cloud 😀

  4. Corbin Williams

    you make it sound so fun ! but i have ALL the expansions+stuff packs and its boring. probably because when you have it all and all the money cheats theres nothing? to do ;p

  5. Corbin Williams

    Lmao TheSimonHQ Thumbs up if all you tuber? know its spelt ‘spelt’ >.<

  6. jKirbine

    i didn’t watch? the hole video. I watched the whole video

  7. LoyBear

    Amazing homes! One of my favorties is this one and Ziptonhome 66? 🙂 !

  8. chutton888

    I literally can’t comprehend how you’re so good not just at building itself but interior decorating and machinima as well. Truly? amazing.

  9. nepalmjellyworm


  10. Catherine Silverdreamer

    i really want th showtime and pets and supernatural i want t be a fairy on supernatural and i want horses dogs cats and alot of pets on the pets one and i want to be a singer on showtime
    im? an awesome girl aint i???????????!!!!!!!!!!

  11. bbhiie56kiisiia

    i? know right? everytime i watched his videos, i feel my self-esteem dropping. LOL No hate chrill 🙂 we just think you’re sooooo good! xDD

  12. nepalmjellyworm

    this guy’s videos remind me to never think i am good at building houses in sims? 3 pets

  13. TheSimonHQ

    Mind your language.?

  14. CerwinVegaOfNorway

    Thumbs up? whore

  15. 1Martinsm

    night? life expansion pack!

  16. TheGeorgeNC

    Yes? u can

  17. LoesChoices

    You can download them? on the sims site!

  18. Alex Seow

    how to get piano those? stuff??

  19. suteiisan

    the unicorn? was out at the end of the video! should have gone to it.

  20. TheSlovo28

    he? did…the sim played with the dogs before the house was built

  21. Terra7856

    I can’t decide you or? Curtis!!!!

  22. Terra7856

    I’ve always loved pets but maybe you should’ve showed your sim playing? with them

  23. 1robloxlover1

    He? lost 11 dollars at 5:53