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The Sims 3 – Building My Dream House

The Sims 3 - Building My Dream House

I have created many nice houses in the past, but have you ever wonder what house I would like to live in. Well this is my dream house. The House i would like to live in. ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CURTIS ONLY ACCEPTS HOUSE SUGGESTS VIA THE MODERATOR THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE MAIN CHANNEL PAGE, OR ON THE CURTIS PARADIS SHOW WEBSITE.*** – Suggest a House: You can download this house from the Sims 3 Exchange for free right now, and you can view all the pictures of the house on The Curtis Paradis Show Website. – Download: – Exclusive Pictures: Don’t forget to check out The Curtis Paradis Show Website for all the information you could want pertaining to the Show. See the newest videos , suggest houses, and watch Curtis Live during selected time on The Curtis Paradis Show LIVE. Watch more of Curtis’ videos like his Sims 3 House videos , or Stay up to date with the Sims 3 via the Sims 3 Update. If you are a big Apple fan you can check out the iBlog where it’s all Apple all the time. Don’t forget if you have a question you want to ask Curtis why as a Q&A Day question. – Sims 3 Houses – The Sims 3 Update – iBlog – Q&A Day You can connect with Curtis via Facebook, Twitter, and Dailybooth. – Facebook Page – Twitter – Dailybooth Remember to Subscribe, Thumb Up, and post a comment.

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25 Responses

  1. geolav26

    Its? awsome !!!!

  2. Thebestofallpeople76

    love? it

  3. shotgun123456789ful

    can? u get this for the x box 360 sims 3

  4. Tasmyn Clark

    There is no privacy with? those windows. Luckily sims doesn’t have stalkers.

  5. KacyEric87

    You? can get Sims 3 quickly from:
    downloadblinks . com

  6. fairash32

    how do you get the mirrors to? reflect like that and also the pool you do they look amazing

  7. ronnoc841

    @feilox you may need certain expansions? first

  8. feilox

    hey I’m logged into but can’t download? wut gives?

  9. terence chow

    What a awesome house!It will be amazing in real life!

  10. PlatyPosh

    Thank you!?

  11. Alannah Aldenhoven

    UMMMM OMG that is awesome if only i had? that skill! i am gonna try it on my sims 🙂 it was an AWESOME building
    good work

  12. GodZxSAINTJT

    In the? description?

  13. 1mizzbabyblue

    making and creating houses i the reason why i buy? the sims games ITS FUN sooo much ideas 😀

  14. MegaToyGuy

    Fast lane in? another language it’s called full fart

  15. Sidney Chafee

    i want to live in this? house in irl <3 it would perfectly fit my sim where do i download?

  16. madison2460

    Omg? dude you are the best at doing this!!! 😉

  17. terence chow

    it was? amazing!

  18. SweetsLuvMusicx3

    Wow? i wish i was as creative as you… :/

  19. uratruefriendMELAINA

    Wow I love this house it’s pretty much what my dream house is just a modern look roomy but not to much and A little room but mine would be much bigger and my room more of a Fancy? look. But my room would have a water bed and more a an aqua violet color and well not gonna explain let’s just say that none of the expansion packs have the kinda room I want like a mini fridge just a nice bed so I can kinda hide,Some Beanbags,and So on. but yes everything else is like perfect and I’m gonna download it!

  20. JoseAnd97

    wow? you’re SOOO creative!!!

  21. Addi Jamison

    by the way, words to descibe other words, adjective. words that? mean the same thing synonyms.

  22. Addi Jamison


  23. ECamps1998

    so much windows? someones probly whaching u 😀

  24. legoman45641

    ahhh bridgeport ,? a land of drunken men and unfriendly vampires!

  25. Hannah Christopher

    if he was a interior designer i would want to buy a house? that he made so badly.