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The Sims 3 – Building Falling Water

Watch as I create the famous Falling Water house in the Sims 3. Watch as this house defies gravity right before your eyes. If you love this video please remember to Subscribe, thumbs up, and post a comment telling me what you think. ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CURTIS ONLY ACCEPTS HOUSE SUGGESTS VIA THE MODERATOR THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE MAIN CHANNEL PAGE, OR ON THE CURTIS PARADIS SHOW WEBSITE.*** – Suggest a House: If you want this house in your Sims 3 game you can download the house from this link Download: If you want to see exclusive pictures check out the link to my website Pictures: —- Video Series ————————————————————– Sims 3 Houses The Sims 3 Update iBlog Personal Vlogs —- Websites ————————————————————– Website Live Stream iPhone Website —- Connect with Me ————————————————————– Twitter Facebook Page Sims 3 Profile Dailybooth Email Me Remember to Subscribe, Thumbs Up, and Comment. Thanks 🙂

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25 Comments  comments 

25 Responses

  1. MasterFilms666

    <3? very ugly

  2. YumeOkami

    I bet if you designed? houses irl they would look just as amazing. Awesome job!

  3. KurryAWE

    I don’t? think you noticed when this episode was made. (2010)

  4. lisamariechen98

    can you ever build houses, where you build things only from a certain ep?
    So for example only of things from sims 3 pets???? please! =)?

  5. minecraftmh123

    you sound like a IRL (in? real life) architech

  6. xXxliemix

    Sorry thiefs, but it will take a time until? you come to the house.

  7. John O'Reilley

    Hello,? John From EA here. This house is a great piece of architecture. Keep up the good work !

    /Greetings John

  8. pascalgeyer

    Thats House i built? too O.o xD

  9. rodrigosobarzo10

    Hey? where do I put the download link??
    Please help me, It doesnt work for me :L

  10. Ace Traverson

    if only i have the same sims 3 as you,? i already download this house….

  11. Ace Traverson

    i don’t really care what are you talking about, i just wanna see the? house….

  12. Ace Traverson

    we have 6 more blind jealous? fags…

  13. Khair20999

    Make that 146?

  14. IngvildLiebeTH

    I seriously don’t understand? how this shit is possible.

  15. gpxjimmy

    not the best but the fastest! I want know? where the river come from


    this house is aamezing
    you ar great!!!!!!!?

  17. taymaclautnerbook

    how? can people dis like this!?

  18. 3runningpro123

    wow your a nice person tbh i m jealous too but many jealous people? disliked the vid

  19. LowQualitySkyrim

    No, you can only build houses this big? on the PC version.

  20. YojiKenjiUndai

    Heh, I’m jealous…. Waaaaaaay jealous, but I? liked the video! 😀

  21. GorgeousSimWorld

    Can you? do the house in Another Cinderella Story. The movie with Selena Gomez in it.

  22. Team72121

    I would like to request a house but my laptop? cant find the web sit

  23. clipseforlife

    i wish i could? make a house like this

  24. kribje94

    wtf, it says Falling Water House in the description, but the? fucking house doesent move a shit!

  25. WOWCreeperDUDE

    How to u get big? properties?