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The Sims 2: Building A Home v6

The Sims 2: Building A Home v6 This is my favorite part of the game; I love to see what kind of different elements I can bring into the architecture of the house. The whole idea of a glass house inspired me to come up with this beauty of a home, this has to be my favorite so far… what do you think? It’s ready to download and furnish, have fun! Peace… Hope you enjoy the vid!!! Follow the link to download the lot: The link isn’t working, maxis deleted it. I’ll try and get it back up when I can… Built by: chrispycrunchy86 Music by: Joi “Tennessee Slim Is The Bomb” c(^_^)3* The Sims 2: Building A Home Thanx 2 Maxis & EA Games!!! Who else plays the sims 2??? The Sims 2, The Sims 2, you can’t drink it, but it’s better than booze. ^_____^
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23 Responses

  1. brandontequilan1

    Can i please be one of you Sims, so that i could? live in? one of your houses?

  2. Jaglicic1

    I don’t like the roof but everything else is great :D?

  3. MrKillerrellik2008

    I? don’t like the Sims 3, i prefer number 2 over it

  4. butterflytops9

    I LOVE this video!!!?

  5. xRevih

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  6. RachBubbs96

    What is this crap? I? can build a better house no offence.
    :L Do better, don’t keep it up..
    (Thumbs down)

  7. invenereverritaz

    9:40? ????????????????

  8. LuvNHugz01

    The? music creeps me out!

  9. NeroZero2009

    Pfft. I WANT people to see when I? do it.

  10. Rockcem1

    Dammit Now i cannot jerk off cuz everyone will see!?

  11. 1996TheImmortal

    you need the sims? apartment i believe

  12. jeremybear14

    what did he say the comment was removed??

  13. jeremybear14

    that is why i would never want to? be in a modern home you are very right

  14. nileciaable

    nice but perverts can see through all? that glass, lol jk

  15. CoDumPlay

    the music feels like someone? is going to get me lol, great mansion.

  16. wok1995

    i think it also? comes with open business

  17. 432desman

    that? alsome how much it cost

  18. simiivi

    I’ll try it ! I totally liked it !!!!! THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKED THE VIDEO !!!!! ?

  19. SpEEdHackEr101

    that’s when you are rich and don’t have to? wash that much glass

  20. SpEEdHackEr101

    it’s? nightlife not latenight. shoo go away!! this is sims 2 not sims 3

  21. squirt0414

    @catty200100 its late night not nightlife. and yes? u need late night for the elevators.

  22. catty200100

    You need nightlife for the? elevator/lift I believe

  23. Talor Brown

    for TheMackeman, add alot of poles and make the house? above it…….. i love sims!! 🙂