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The Secrets to Link Building for your Website Even with Google’s Panda & Penguin updates, link building is still an important factor in effective search engine opt…

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  1. Monir Hossain

    I don’t know about this before. Now I am very happy to know this

  2. antoine ostiguy drapeau

    Thx again for all the tips ..this will be usefull real soon !!! …

  3. Spook SEO

    Your video is really striking! I like the term “popularity contest” and
    it’s really true that with this type of online business we should know how
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  4. Subhamoy Chatterjee


  5. Mike Muskat

    One of the best discription on how SEO works. Your website is a popularity
    contest. “SEO is one big popularity contest”?

  6. Walter Analytics

    The Secrets to Link Building for your Website?

  7. sellingstock

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  8. justin robertson

    One giant popularity contest i like that

  9. Jan Smolorz

    Good stuff. Thanks guys

  10. BusinessforSale12

    Thanks for the tips!

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  12. Marc Connor

    Hey David…I think you’re cool. Because of the way you described how SEO
    is a little bit like Brad Pitt saying you’re cool. Nice!

  13. VirtualAssistantv

    So the page rank is really important in link building?

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  15. TheMultiSocial

    Intelligent by design, standing in front of a caulk board in all of your
    videos, well played sir

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  19. Yoel Engel

    great vid bro