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The Original Fast Volkswagen Belt Change.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, DO NOT TRY THIS TECHNIQUE…..PERIOD! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COPY CATS AND INJURIES! Dont be fooled by copies. This is my hands, in my shop, with my tool, with my 67 car. I am the original fast belt changing VOLKSWAGNUT. How to change a Volkswagen Generator belt in about 5 seconds. I was shown this trick a few years back, by Reece Kelso. Kelso was the “VW” man around the Gaston County NC area in the 70’s. Kelso is gone but the memory is still strong. Here is my go at it ENJOY.
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25 Responses

  1. jamesasono

    So bad ass I had to watch it like 11 times. I’m going to give that? shot on my sandrail later this summer… So that way I won’t have to spend the entire summer as a nubby??????????????Just had to throw in a few shots of some nub action too. Lol

  2. somerandomutewb


  3. MrsAngijuela

    Let’s face it – this will only work if the belt you’re putting on is the exact same size as the one you removed (like reusing the old one). Having owned 2 of these cars (‘ 60 & ‘ 65) I found it wasn’t uncommon to need to alter? the shim placements – both tighter or looser – to get the new belt just right, as they’re never a perfect match. Pretty cool video, though!

  4. Jamesibbotson875

    No, that belt only spins the dynamo/generator/alternator call it what you want. If it was? a cam belt then yes and the engine would go bang big style with valves and pistons getting very friendly.

  5. somerandomutewb

    wont it? uncalibrate it..

  6. MickScarborough


  7. Mariamus

    Good lord, man.

    I guess you don’t charge a? whole lot to change the fan belt?

  8. TailsBit

    actually they do that in the? middle east. WHILE DRIVING!

  9. vrooomie1

    My dad taught me this when I was about 10..served me well in the 25+ years I worked on those miserable little bastards…thanks for? sharing!

  10. thersten

    dayum. that’s awesome.?

  11. mightyhans1

    like? a boss!!

  12. martyn101101

    I did this a few? times… Until I took a flying screw driver to the knee.


    Who said I’d work on it anyway…

  14. OnlineBackupServices

    remind me never to take my car round? to your garage.

  15. knightrider1545

    It looks? kinda easy

  16. jackadair8

    Damn!!!? Fast nice job man!!!!

  17. iamthehenke

    saw this vid on facebook and? was called “how to change a water pump belt in a hurry.” had to correct the guy who posted that by informing him these old vw’s don’t have a radiator!

  18. jsuds12

    HAHAHA Ya I agree!?

  19. arbortender

    WoW!! Rad.?

  20. b3nmk2

    that’s? madness, excellent

  21. MrSdways

    That is truly crazy, and I love it. I will never? try it but great none the less

  22. MrLowbrassdude


  23. norfolksouthern8941

    that is? the coolest thing ive ever seen, i should try that on my volkswagen

  24. humwula

    Good work mate.?

  25. SoBrocheMaisNadda

    Thats just badass