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The Number Of Web Pages Should Be Indexed?

The Number Of Web Pages Should Be Indexed?

Search engines always attract many viewers. For example, Google indexed 26 million pages in 1998 and over 1 trillion pages in the past 10 years. Let’s try to imagine, with more than 87 million domains and over 87 million pages over the web, then how many web pages of single domain should be indexed in search engine in order to get decent number of viewers?


Search engines have always played a dramatic role in getting quality visitors and a website with no visitor does not have any any value here. So one of the most important thing over here for getting quality traffic from SEO is that we should have quality pages of our website indexed in search engines . Most of the time pages indexed in search engines are considered as a major factor to differentiate between good and bad SEO .

However this is not a good practice to get all your pages indexed in search engines , You should work out in indexing quality web-pages in search engines .Let’s see that how indexed pages can make difference in getting visitors, let’s say you have a website that have a dynamic content so your website can easily contain 80,000 web-pages. So, if every page gets indexed and search engines are sending even a single visitor to those pages daily then you would be getting decent number of visitors on your site.


But over here we are more concerned about the quality traffic then quantity of visitors. Instead of focusing on indexing all the pages you should sort out the list of quality web-pages, over here I am referring ‘quality web-pages’ to web-page which have some unique content and can give you faithful visitors.

Let’s say there is a website that have many web-pages with different links but with duplicate content (this is a common scenario in dynamic sites) so instead of focusing of indexing all the links, you should focus on indexing canonical link of those web pages.


Further you should not focus on indexing those pages which are Spam by nature (Pages which don’t have quality content just bunch of keywords to attract traffic) as those pages can harm you more then they help by increasing bounce rate of your website.


Our main aim of SEO is not just to get visitors it’s more about getting good quality visitors which can be in the form of faithful readers or buyers. So the first thing that should be done is to sort out pages of the website that have unique content in them and can be highly useful for visitors of your website.


Once you have identified such pages then you can further start promoting those web pages by getting some good quality back links. You should not only get them indexed you should further use D-A-D keywords approach in them to get those web pages indexed with quality back-links and so that those web pages can get higher rank in SERP’s ( Search Engine Result Pages) for targeted keywords.


By following this method website will be able to get quality visitors which will further reduce bounce rate and will further help in ranking of website in search engines .


Shubhneet Goel is a renowned name in the field of Information Security and Search Engine Optimization and have provided services to various organizations and websites of different countries. Shubhneet have recently started his own forum on Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Generation which can be furthered accessed on the following URL SEO Forum. You can further refer to his article on Canonicalization to avoid duplicate pages of your website getting indexed.

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