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The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, Self Staining Device… All rights to this video and information is open source and free to do with what you want! But if you build one of these be careful!!! It may explode… you could be dealing with plasma! Please get back with ,me if you build and test this device! Please Upload and mass email this information and do it now!!! You can download and upload the Video File with the extension flv. my email please be patient for replies! my youtube: The you tube video link: Download the video flv file here: You can play the flv file with VLC player download the VLC here: And upload it your servers and you tube account. Now! Be sure and attach all the info in the description! Make sure you prnt out the patents so you have a hard copy. Here is the patents: us patent 4613304 ca patent 1213671 Here is the link to Alex petty log: Here is Crag Westbrook’s you tube videos : Here is the stanley Meyers estate video’s:
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  1. gilligan80

    but because we are not dealing with DC but a fluctuating DC pulse. we are dealing with impedance…. and depending on the situation different things occur… a parallel load at resonance has MAX impedance… a series circuit at resonance? has ZERO impedance… this is also part of “the secret”… a transformer run at resonance will saturate and store significant energy.. now if you have two inductors (as stans patents show) running in series from the transformer.. you will get the highest output.

  2. gilligan80

    Ive heard people claim its the water making the sound (myself included)…. in all reality its the stainless tubes making the noise… i was amazed when i shorted out my supply onto one single tube and the tube ITSELF was ringing while out of the water… Now, stainless has a high resistance.. if you connect your terminals to the cell on the same ends of the tubes most gas will be produced near the connections… so? the bulk of the tube is not initially creating gas….

  3. gilligan80

    if you do choose to use lawtons circuit do NOT use inductors in series coming from the transistor to the cell…. INSTEAD… use a coil in PARALLEL between the collector and positive rail..i simply use the 110 side of a cheap 110 to 12 volt transformer from radioshack…. also its? important i explain something else as well… people (myself included) have reported the cell “ringing” when its running…. this is NOT what you think why this is happening.

  4. gilligan80

    by inverting (not with a transistor NOT gate circuit) the pulses on the primary side to negative you will be creating positive pulses in the secondary… there will still be TINY negative pulses? in the secondary but those are virtually removed with your switching diode…. id try using a simple op amps inverting side… also by doing this you also have control of gain and amplitude… something not possible with lawtons circuit…

  5. gilligan80

    I would also like to point out to anyone working on this…. i myself have gotten a dave lawton circuit to work… ive replicated the results with several other versions of? the circuit as well…. people are trying to combine lawtons circuit with meyers VIC (transformer)…. the problem with doing this is that the 555 creates positive pulses… gases are seperated during the POSITIVE cycle… if you put a positive pulse into a transformers primary you get NEGATIVE pulses at the secondary…

  6. gilligan80

    The reason the particle accelerator works is because of the magnetic properties of oxygen and hydrogen… i know oxygen has odd magnetic properties such as when its a liquid and super cooled oxygen drips “up”. i also know the gases react “magnetically” with high voltage… i have a seperate hv? dc supply that when run properly will literally pull the gases out of the water faster instead of having a misty cloud of bubbles mixed with your water…. pressurizing the container also helps with that.

  7. spawn2882

    Again, I said if you don’t pay for your? water.
    I only pay to heat water, not for cold running water.

  8. spawn2882

    I can make you? a scooter that goes 200km per charge.
    And fossil fuels at a power plant? Lol, ever hear of dam’s? Solar panels? Wind turbines?

  9. Gaianthropist

    To respond to comments here on stolen tech. I saw a movie presented by the producers, which documented the death of an inventor in the 50’s that made? a water-injected carbuerator that got about 150 mpg with an old oldsmobile. The producers of this movie had death threats. The engineer at Shell Oil (Co. which apparently stole the patent after they tried to get it from the inventor) was shut down after the initial interview. A more recent inventor picked up on the work and had death threats.

  10. Skiline99

    I think that would require significant adjustment of cam timing as? the exhaust port is normally open on the exhaust/upstroke depending on 2 or 4 stroke engine. If you could keep it closed longer then you could probably utilize that vacum energy you are talking about.

  11. SXimenitaB

    Is? this not in some way similar in principle to Leedskalnin perpetual motion holder?

  12. shiningirisheyes

    The normal transformer step up would resemble 12V input with 10 amp = ~120watts would step up to maybe 120V but 1 amp making ~120 watts nothing changed. It seems that its a voltage and amp amplifier so 12 volt with 10 amp 120 watts input will result in example 120volt with 100 amp and result in 1200 watts power That mean s that? the device will turn 120 watts into 1200 watts so amplify the power. This is over unity .Do normal electrolysis and get 10X gas output .gang these and get ~30X HHO

  13. platinumplusenter

    After much thought I have concluded that the key is NOT to make HHO gas and feed it into the combustion chamber. The key is to inject water vapor into the CC and then use a high voltage, high frequency pulsed spark transform the H2O into HHO and to ignite it in the CC. This would be the safest and ultimately the simplest way to use water as fuel.

    I wish someone would pursue this because I’m not? an engineer or a scientist or an inventor.

  14. spawn2882

    Generate your own electricity.
    Many options available for that, some cheap and effective,? some get expensive but not as effective…(Solar panels for instance) I like solar panels, but they aren’t the greatest in the world. They are however easy to work with.

    If you pay to heat your water, but not for cold water, you can hook your water in your house up to an alternator, to simulate a river, and screw the energy companies 😛
    have fun

  15. spawn2882

    You sir, are a moron.
    They can store more then enough energy, fuck I could make my own batteries that can power a? motor big enough to power a car.
    I’ve built an electric bike, and worked on an electric scooter. The potential is far more then you realize

  16. rockethead7

    See, the point? is, the only reason Meyers’ car ran at all was because he charged the batteries for his electrolysis process using the power grid. From that point forward, all of this electrolysis and internal combustion drained more battery power than it produced, and the batteries died after the car ran a short while. It’s FAR more efficient to skip electrolysis and internal combustion, and just drive the car on those same batteries that Meyers charged before every drive.

  17. rockethead7

    I agree, all energy sources have huge loss between the ultimate origin and the ultimate destination. What’s your point?
    Meyer’s car isn’t a solution because the concept is fundamentally flawed. Meyer’s ultimate retardation was that he (and his moronic? followers) believed in an infinite loop of electrolysis separation of H2O into H and O, followed by exploding H+O back to H2O.
    You complain electric efficiency is around 25%? Well, Meyers’ efficiency is LITERALLY a negative number (not possible).

  18. spawn2882

    Here you go Tex. Because your to ignorant to look
    I never seen this video? but it appears real the cars do look like the ev1 that was produced.

    Speech starts at 5:01

    Driving the car, does a burnout in an electric car starts about 2 mins in

  19. spawn2882

    Lol I heard? that 200mpg story, thats most likely bullshit.
    But GM Really did release a 100% ELECTRIC MOTOR DRIVEN VECHILE!

    Stop being so ignorant and go spend some time looking it up.

  20. irondmax

    stop running your crap chewing mouth and build? one for yourself.

  21. ElectricManCA1

    The most important question now is : Has anyone ever seen these things work ? There is no way to prove whether this is legitimate or not otherwise. It’s not? rocket science, so many should be able to build one. I could. Unless he’s left out some crucial information such as what we’re supposed to use for the “particles” traveling around inside the transformer tube. This video has been out for a while. Why hasn’t anyone written here telling us all they got one working ?

  22. 70289121

    I really liked this video.
    I’m trying hard to follow this concept.
    Around 50 thru 55 mins into it, you are discussing particles in the chamber.
    Could it be, that only the non-magnetic hyrogen particles actually escape?
    At min 56, I believe it is from the elctrodes inside? the box, #32, Fig.10
    I don’t know if that helps you ant or not…..

  23. theoutmoreproject

    Man in a? white suit

  24. spawn2882

    What I mean by that is that anything invented that uses oil will probably make it to market. Regardless if toes were stepped on.

    However you try to free the working class with better energy sources and things? get shut down real fast. Lack of investors, ect.

  25. spawn2882

    Your a fucking retard bro.
    Don’t hold me to this but I think it was a GM car, and it was called an Evo.
    I’ll look it up later, people video taped them? driving it before it got recalled, then followed they’re cars to the back of a GM lot.

    And what the fuck are you talking about fuel injection and carburetors for.
    Of course they are different. You sir are ignorant and not willing to look into things for yourself, snarly bastard.
    Btw, the big boys don’t care about inventions that still use OIL!