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The Internet’s Most Viewed Independent Religious Music Video? – (free download at our website)

?? The Howard Stern Show controversy–Our band refused a great chance to be heard on Howard’s show due to it’s pornographic content. Our website has links to newsprint about this decision. (Best Status – Unsigned Band Indie Artists / Unsigned Artist / Indie…
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25 Responses

  1. Axl Rose

    Fuck Obama and death to muslin? trash

  2. arukax

    @killer6636 your fucking? dumb.your really god is not real than prove it.what caused the big bang? Nothing?think about it how can nothing make something?so why you dont believe he’s real asshole.dumb bitch.suck dick because your too fucking dumb.go back to the brown shit you were born from. -=[

  3. youare2hard49

    @killer6636 continued but if the molecules and atoms have nothing to bounce off of then it would continue moving until it has another molecule or atom it has bumped into and hadn’t reacted or exploded for who knows how long? But I’m saying that science can’t finish what they start but? GOD can and will and has if only you were smart enough to see it and believe it you should pick up a Holy Bible and read it because that is the only truth in this not holy universe as it has millions of sinners!

  4. youare2hard49

    @killer6636 just letting for future reference science does not explain everything. They have taken a “guess” on how the world started but yet can’t figure it out because the universe would never have been here if it wasn’t for GOD the one and true while scientist the best they could come up with? is an atom exploding which couldn’t happen until another atom or molecule makes it react and coming off that last “guess” or “theory” the molecules/atoms will fill up the space it has to do so.

  5. fazeloc206

    i agree with you? 100% brother

  6. killer6636

    Wow i cant believe so many people still believe in god while science ecplains everything btw some people say god exists and if u ask them how du i now that then there like? i just now it the thing is u have no proof god exists :-/

  7. WrestlingMachine

    Come on. You can make all the excuses in the world, they were Christians, devout, who had no tolerance for people of different religions. People have been fighting over what true Christianity is since the Romans converted, its a never ending debate.

    Yup, its annoys me when people use the? term “Allah” in English to refer to the Islamic God, its almost like people, Christians in America in particular are trying to distance Islam from Christianity despite them being so closely tied together.

  8. amazingjackJF

    Just cos of all the tags and also most people who have seen? this are probably not religious

  9. SkreetshaOfficial

    Wtf is wrong with you? people? “This is an? election of cults. This is an election directly attacking The Father and The Bible.

    God help the U.S.”

    Religion and power should NEVER meet in the first place! Secondly, all you’re doing is spreading hate with your comments. I dare you to allow this into the comments, so the other people with a different opinion can speak. Instead of only allowing the “good” and God-friendly ones.

  10. Thesortvokter

    Hear ye hear ye, all christian womenfolk, introduce once again modesty in your mindset, for God created Adam first. Where art thou, whore of Babylon? Thou art in our midst!
    • 1 Timothy 2:9
    “I also want the women to dress? modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes”

    11 “A woman should? learn in quietness and full submission 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet”

  11. BrandtMorain

    Many have asked? why we approve comments & disabled ratings. One big reason is because we have been? the focus of coordinated attacks by folks who use astroturfing methods.

    The method is simple. Folks create multiple YouTube accounts & use them to perform multiple dislikes? & negative comments against? the target video.

    At first we had a 100% positive rating. But when the video? started going viral the attacks began.

    There are other attacks occurring. We have many folks worried. We are at war.

  12. danwells83

    Wrestlingmachine u are right there were many muslims killed during the crusade because of ppl who used christianity as an excuse to kill…but thats not true christianty…and they call allah god because? thats literally what it translates to

  13. MadMacK401

    Jojud my friend? Christina disagrees

  14. jojud

    Christinas don’t even believe God is a big man sitting on a cloud…that’s a cultural thing not a? heavenly fact…hey we’re in agreement…:-O

  15. WrestlingMachine

    Christians have slaughtered Muslims mercilessly in the crusades, look no further to how they took Jerusalem, especially compared to how Saladin took? Jerusalem back from them, now who’s the bad guy? Not the Muslims.

    And the idea that God and Allah are different is laughable when arab Christians and Jews use Allah to refer to “God” . Even the Maltese who are about 98% Roman Catholic refer to “God” as “Alla” yes without the H.

  16. WrestlingMachine

    Don’t see why you quoted? me, your response has nothing to do with what I said…

    But anyways sounds like your making special loopholes for the existence of a god, unfortunately if you replace “God” with “the universe” it works just the same.

  17. Sceneyour

    Getting rid of religion? wouldn’t make you feel any less guilty.

  18. FormerlyAROBLOX09er

    Getting rid of religion wouldnt solve? neither Christians nor Muslims.
    They stand for what they believe, even if they had to die from being a follower of their religion.

  19. stratmaster95

    havent you ever heard of the separetion of church and? state religion should have nothing to do with polotics

  20. stratmaster95

    I can a couple instances when Christians did worse things in the past like the crusades pretty much the entire middle ages were Christians killing people with different beliefs than them also the war between the English and the Irish where Protestants were killing catholics or when we came to the new world and killed any Indian who would not covert and? destroyed an entire religion… Now I’m catholic and I’m not out to bash any religion but don’t go saying that any religion is any better than a

  21. unionofonion

    Only an idiot would believe a giant man sits on clouds made out of H2O congested particles.

    Also, god is not supposed to be a man, it’s a transcendent being that has no gender or need for a physical form since it probably lives in the 5,000th dimension.

    You see, life to me is about mystic imagination & what you want to make of it or what you want to live your life as.
    There’s an X factor of subjects that will? never be answered…’s best to worry about what you can know & solve today.

  22. unionofonion

    It’s not that they don’t want it to be true, Bluefringes, they just want proof that it is because some people believe with their eyes instead of their sense or innate feelings.

    Those types? of people can not comprehend the concept of god because they only see the hand in front of their face & have no imagination for what lies beyond.
    This is not an insult to scientists, it’s the truth of their actions.

    The meaning of life is really what you make of it & with the consequences in mind.

  23. unionofonion

    “Comment pending approval, huh? So you put this up on your video and remove the like and dislike bar so you can block? out any criticism that doesn’t suit your religious view all the while you spread your ignorance and hate of other types of music and call Obama a Muslim. You are so scared and weak as an individual that you hide behind your God as if he condones your childish antics of modern day internet? bullying. Sad little man afraid of truth.”

    You’re a bigot, Marco.

  24. unionofonion

    & what you’re doing Marco, is any better? You don’t know this person & get annoyed because he uses his first amendment of speech & that really bothers you.

    You hide behind your computer monitor internet bullying a person you know nothing about because you have the excuse of text & physical reprisal taken away from the equation to feel some type of courage? over.

    No, you are infact the sad little man that hides behind the computer monitor, internet bullying people for their own opinions.

  25. unionofonion

    If god is a divine being then it wouldn’t have to survive past any kind of process. If it always was, is & will be then it always was around & that’s that.

    Some things will never have answers, I’m sure even god doesn’t know where? it came from if it even did or what the beginning of existence is.
    Humans are imperfect & don’t know every thing, if we’re technically shaped after god then god itself would not know everything & I’m fine with that as long as I can live happily & be content.