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The Google Penguin Effect, Amazing Success post Google Penguin Update Brett Fullmer Explains Google Penguin and the Google Penguin Update and shows how Google Penguin is a positive event for webmasters trying to gain authority with Google. When Google deployed the Google Penguin update on April 24, 2012, webmasters across the internet began to panic as they noticed a significant drop in traffic originating from Google Search. Brett Fullmer discover that the Google Penguin update was positive event dispute a strong consensus across the internet viewing it as a “Google Slap” and a negative event. While developing an online training product called “The List Plan”, Mr. Fullmer found that the Google Penguin Update actually was a positive event for authority sites focused on providing high quality content. As webmasters were significantly impacted post Penguin, there was a panic due to the fact that Google was actually punishing webmasters for building “Unnatural Links”. Prior to the Google Penguin Update, it seemed like Google was not going to impose any penalty for spumy Link Building Practices. SEO experts felt comfortable sourcing links for almost any source. Entire software packages and spam blog networks were springing up with the sole intent of Gaming Google and building low quality links to gain Page Rank and Search Rankings. Google could not ignore that fact that webmasters were engaging in link building efforts and made the decision to enforce the “Google Webmaster Guidelines” that specifically prohibits link
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