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Tel-domains and Google

Tel-domains and Google

Tel-domains are an important part of every company’s strategy for the following reasons: 1 – tel-domains playa fundamentally different role than a traditional .com,.net,….Tel-Domains have a very specific and unique content, and are published in a different format and medium (DNS instead of Web). Therefore, Google and other search engines will want to index .tel-domains content in addition to .com content, and will not penalize a company for having both com-domains and tel-domains, as opposed to those that multiply websites under .com, .biz,, etc.. This will give companies double presence, with both a .com- and a .tel-domain. 2 – The tel-domains data are fully structured, and therefore very easily readable and understandable by search engine crawlers, as opposed to standard web page content that needs advanced parsing algorithms that often misunderstand the content (reading a fax number as a main number, for example). 3 – Communications content of tel-domains are very easy to maintain, and can be updated at significantly shorter intervals than .com informational content. This gives search engines more incentive to re-index tel-domains content at shorter intervals as well. 4 – Local search engines will index by preference tel-domains data thanks to focus of tel-domains on communications and location information. Hans-Pete Oswald
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