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Super Cool Ways For Getting More Backlinks

Super Cool Ways For Getting More Backlinks

The kind of links that will do your site the most good are one way links. Getting reciprocal links is usually easier than getting one way links, but they aren’t as effective. But rest assured if you are able to get one way links, it’ll get easier for you to get on the first page of Google and other search engines . The follow link building techniques can be used to get your website ranking higher in the search engines .

Our first tip is one that not many people bother with, but basically it’s developing some kind of tool, application, or widget that people can put on their websites. You would be surprised at how cheaply you can have this done, and you can find people who will make one for you.

Start distributing this piece of code to other webmasters in your niche, with a credit link pointing back to your own website. The obvious purpose for this method is to create a large number of one-way links to your website.

Another way to build lots of links is to use social bookmarking or voting sites.

Social bookmarking sites are very popular and frequently updated, because they have regular users who are always surfing them looking to find a bookmark that interests them. The search engines prefer sites with lots of unique and fresh content, which is why they like social bookmarking sites. Submitting your link on these social bookmarking services will give you an added advantage of having a backlink from an authority site. The search engines also pay close attention to sites such as Reddit and Digg, where links are voted on, so you should also submit your links to these sites.

Placing a link in your signature when you post to online discussion forums is another easy way to get relevant backlinks. You should join several popular forums relevant to your niche and become active on them, starting and responding to threads. If you become a regular contributor, other members will start to get interested in you and take a look at your website. What makes this so valuable? This is a completely honest way to build links from sites that have content that is highly relevant to your niche.

In short, link building takes time and effort before you see some real results. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. If you stick with it, however, your site will get a high ranking and your traffic will increase.

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