Home Link Building Service Steve Quayle & Alex Report of ‘Postal Service’ Building Torture Rooms on Alex Jones Tv 4/4

Steve Quayle & Alex Report of ‘Postal Service’ Building Torture Rooms on Alex Jones Tv 4/4

Steve Quayle & Alex Report of 'Postal Service' Building Torture Rooms on Alex Jones Tv 4/4

Alex & Steve report on how america is heading for lockdown! US Postal Service Expands Construction Of Secret Rooms Paul Joseph Watson Tuesday, May 25, 2010 We have received documents from a military source indicating that US Postal Service facilities across the country are expanding the construction of secretive criminal investigation rooms, which some fear will be used to detain American citizens in the event of a national emergency, bioterror attack or pandemic. The documents (PDF) show architectural floor plans for criminal investigation rooms that would be housed within existing US Postal Service buildings. The blueprints show secret rooms within post offices where, the source claims, families will be separated in the event of martial law being declared. The United States Postal Service undoubtedly uses such criminal investigative units to conduct investigations into mail fraud through its federal enforcement arm, the United States Postal Inspection Service, but as with many things of this nature, everything serves a dual purpose. The fact that such rooms are being constructed inside post offices is verified. We discovered this web page which talks about how an architecture firm called IPG Architects constructed a Criminal Investigative Office within the Macon Post Office in Macon, Georgia. The new documents describe similar rooms being constructed in Lake Forest, Illinois and Gurnee, Illinois
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25 Responses

  1. Ganseblumchen12

    and read pdf article.
    you can learn a lot from Mr. Steve Quayle’s web site.
    We have to get out of the UN immediately. The UN? is our boss and they’re trying to destroy this county using their Agenda21 program.

  2. tk0inthefirst38

    We all know that the elite are in your face and they are not hiding it anymore.What’s even worst is that there are many still intoxicated by the coolaid.Dan.7:19? says,”Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast,which was diverse from all the others,EXCEEDING DREADFUL,whose teeth were of iron,and his nails of brass;which devoured,brake in pieces,and stamped the residue with his feet;”

  3. csmpeoil

    the reason why post offices are like armored prisons these days is because of 9/11? and the threat of Anthrax, Alex…. you black helicopter conspiracy whack!

  4. chuckyoo

    Amen! I rather be with Jesus and worship Him than be here and deal with these lunatics. I am an ex military personel and it is sad that the globalist and world’s elite have no regards for military personals but are? only considered pawns to do their dirty work.

  5. shoeman3434

    … Same here, brother. PRAISE BE TO JESUS, OUR? KING!



  7. SEK4110


  8. Stepper11

    if the people of Mexico would just exercise their full humanity and revolt against? their own corrupt, tyrannical govt, we’d be in pretty good shape. For one thing, it would remind the other dictators who’s ultimately in charge.

  9. AustralianPyro

    but its just a little? mean.

  10. LastReplaySC

    they treat the situation as if your crossing a cutoms boarder, and we all know that at that moment your crossing a legal Port, where you basically are agreeing to be searched l to not be a suspect of a drug or Cash-laundry runner!
    the point is that the inner EU law system is pure UCC Customs and commercial law your constantly within a federal boarder of some sort! Land or civil Law has? no effect, because you contracted enter the Zone!

  11. LastReplaySC

    that sounds very logic in theory, practically, you are under commercial contract using european currency, it is not yours, it’s a Govt issued document, the Federal police or? bette r said the Zoll or the customes, will!
    1. take your car apart, 2 search you or your car for drugs, 3 confiscate anything above 15’000 euro, 4 give you a receipt, then read you your rights and inform you that you can reclaim the cash. they get you under custom law!

  12. anuthehigh

    and uh and uh and uh? lmao

  13. chuckyoo

    Bible prophecy continuously coming to past real fast…Jesus is coming and it does not matter what anyone does or plans to do. My life is in the hands of Jesus and I will stay there until death to join my? Savior.

  14. sintinerus

    I posted on the last video about how Jesus is coming? back, around midnight last night, between may 25-26, I heard the Lord say “Repent and Draw near to me, for an hour is coming when I will not be found.”

  15. TheVampirella

    People who say “There are no atheists in foxholes” have never actually been in a foxhole — there are thousands of atheist veterans and acting like they don’t exist is insulting.

    Making this a? religious battle instead of one simply involving GREED is silly.

  16. rev66blessu

    I had to jump through hoops to just ask how I could help as a citizen like cleaning some animals aer something and the first thing I get told is? that I would need to have a permit then they retracted when I got irrate. I was told that I would get a call. It’s been 3 weeks and no one has called!

  17. PjPony123

    OT. BlaquePatriot is blogging from LA gulf. He has new video on his YT page that needs to go viral. Parish President has been threatened with arrest by govt. for wanting to build sandbanks? to protect marshlands without permit. Please help make this viral everybody. THX.

  18. rev66blessu

    ? Good one!

  19. dasgilde

    then burn the ‘Postal Service’ Building ? Down.

  20. davids11131113

    This country isnt a ‘republic’ at all? anymore, its at best a fascist kleptocracy.

  21. kahlesstiberius

    takes the term “going postal” a whole new meaning, just dont ask for the? special delivery!!

  22. docatomics

    ..continue to try to.decern the truth and perhaps shout it from roof tops (within the confines of the law) is one passive action? you may choose to take for your own “closure of mind” at the least some of those that continue to be decieved in the action they continue to undertake will not be doing so in a un-informed way, but with willful choice, if this be your will !

  23. docatomics

    …it is just a belief, don’t? believe it, as that is what we atheiest are best about , NOT BELIEVING anything, rather hold a unresolved though pending more data for formualtions of facts. It is just more stupid lies told by those that seek to force belief based thinking into the minds of those that have subjugatable wills.

  24. docatomics

    …just rap your bills in your pay stub or bank teller withdrawal receipt with the printing facing outwards, so the proof of origin is not miss-able, if they touch? it beyond I.D. you must inform them they are under arrest for theft, if they fail to comply, inform them they are under arrest for resiting arrest the law is for everyone to obey & enforce or for none.

  25. docatomics

    … IF ONLY the sun decided to send us a timely solar storm with which to disrupt or even destroy? a lot of this “techno kill crap” causing all manner of “devises to fail”, IF ONLY (for both those that do & those of us that can’t believe in miracles). Truth is if you have been to this site, you are already marked, so you have nothing left to loose , other than your wool, which were all about to have sheared anyhow.