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Steve Quayle & Alex Report of ‘Postal Service’ Building Torture Rooms on Alex Jones Tv 2/4

Alex & Steve report on how america is heading for lockdown! US Postal Service Expands Construction Of Secret Rooms Paul Joseph Watson Tuesday, May 25, 2010 We have received documents from a military source indicating that US Postal Service facilities across the country are expanding the construction of secretive criminal investigation rooms, which some fear will be used to detain American citizens in the event of a national emergency, bioterror attack or pandemic. The documents (PDF) show architectural floor plans for criminal investigation rooms that would be housed within existing US Postal Service buildings. The blueprints show secret rooms within post offices where, the source claims, families will be separated in the event of martial law being declared. The United States Postal Service undoubtedly uses such criminal investigative units to conduct investigations into mail fraud through its federal enforcement arm, the United States Postal Inspection Service, but as with many things of this nature, everything serves a dual purpose. The fact that such rooms are being constructed inside post offices is verified. We discovered this web page which talks about how an architecture firm called IPG Architects constructed a Criminal Investigative Office within the Macon Post Office in Macon, Georgia. The new documents describe similar rooms being constructed in Lake Forest, Illinois and Gurnee, Illinois
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25 Responses

  1. LoverofTruth4ever

    This is powerful information for those intelligent enough to follow-up with their own research. These special rooms have been confirmed over and over again. Don’t be a sheeple!! Use? your critical thinking skills and do your own research!!

  2. KearaJay

    Where does this? guy get his shit at?and why do these morons listen to him?he has been debunked more times than bigfoot!

  3. kurdt40894

    what the fuck dude?

  4. speck444

    instead of talk tell people how? to deal with this shit

  5. eliden

    like i would hear about korea for 2 weeks then nothing else…? it feels like they trying to push fear really bad.

  6. KingDavid478

    I questioned my local Post Office about these rooms and they called the cops. Im on probation for exposing this. U can watch the video on my page. King David confronts Macon, Ga Post Office. Alex actually mentions the one in Macon, after sum extensive research I came? to the conclusion that something was suspicious. So I confronted them, go watch what happens next.

  7. Answer1984with1776

    without a doubt it will happen but no one can know dates but we can predict the season we are in just like weathermen predict the weather. i hope you are not going to fall for FEMA’s use of Romans 13 or in Peter where it says to obey rulers. As a christian myself i know when its right to refuse going along with the government and authority.? Its better to obey GOD then to follow the NWO. look what happend to those that followed King Nimrod. I will refuse to comply…

  8. rebelliouseoagj

    Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if u are interested in a REAL free energy magnet motor then

    just go to? LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and download the blueprints ,it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  9. TheRaybone

    Ill bet with ya but Ill? bet 2 million on it and with a stipulation that if we did my main bet is we would diplomatically handle it after china’s involvemnet

  10. TheRaybone

    not only that but the children that the vets trained and? then crossed trained with their war peers

  11. sintinerus

    @DavidEDowns, how so? What have I? said that deserves to be called a bluff?

  12. DavidEDowns

    b.s. !?

  13. Stepper11

    We really can’t. We are China’s bitch now,? and China won’t let us go to war. But we never actually declare war anymore. We just blow the $#!+ out of things, kill people, and call it good.

  14. wolfumz

    I will bet you a thousand dollars the US wont go to? war with N. Korea.

  15. Stepper11

    I’m not sure what you’re saying. Are you objecting to my hyperbolic use of “every”. Okay, we are not at war with EVERY? nation. Just two with the likely addition of Iran and N. Korea, which will inevitably snowball into conflicts w/ others. As for the concept of internment camps & tyranny…if you call that a fairy tale, then you seem the more likely govt operative. Those who say it can’t happen here help assure that it will happen here.

  16. wolfumz

    you would have to be a complete idiot to say america at war with every nation on earth. i guess ill see on the trains when your govt engineered fairy tale never happens. ? are you psy op or something?

  17. infadel13

    the sheeple MAY wake up when their train pulls into camp fema, then ull be hiding in mnts listening to? the screams of sheeple going to da showers

  18. Demov12

    I like this guy. You can tell that he actually studied the occult side to the nwo luciferians. You get a much clearer picture of how these people think once you know what their? religious beliefs are.

  19. csmpeoil

    This guys full of shit. He said he’s worked in many post offices and federal building and never had a bg check or finger printed. The reality is you don’t get hired? on at the PO without a bg check and finger printing. These “secret rooms” are actually used by the Postal Inspection Service for surveillance and/or interrogation of alleged postal crimes committed by employees.

  20. 2besavedcom

    Over many years we have all been lied to by our Govts. Not just our Govts but by Religous Leaders. We have been taught things that are not in Scripture & many have swallowed many lies by these false prophets. If you are a truth seeker please visit the web site which is displayed? in our user name & take the time to read some of the articles.You will be shocked. THERE IS A GREAT AUDIO FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO. You WILL COME AWAY ASKING MANY QUESTIONS. REAL SHOCKING.
    Blessings as you seek truth


    ….so i guess steve quayle will be putting up his red screen within days now ??? imagine that !! ? FRAUD ALERT


    so? i guess that steve quayle will be putting up his red screen now !!! imagine that ! fraud alert !!

  23. SEK4110

    I have been listening to some of Steve’s past shows (2009) and he continually speaks of these “unidentified friends” I use to listen to him but am getting to the point or better said am at the point where I believe he is a fear-monger who wants to sell? the stuff on his website.

  24. Stepper11

    All war all the time. This is custom made for total tyranny. If we ultimately are at war with every nation on earth, just think how many potential “enemies of the state” there will be here. The detention centers will make Japanese and German camps in WWII look like small? summer camps.

  25. JAHFREE777

    Its serious , and amazing, ww3. com, albert pike wrote? in his letter to Mazzani, the outline for 3 world wars, in his outline for ww3 he said the nuclear confrontation would start on the Korean peninsula, and this letter was wrriten in 1867, the other 2 wars fit just as they occured, he said this plan was given to him in the spirit of lucifer, outlining plan for a new world order