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State of the Index 2009

Matt Cutts talks about what Google has done for users, web developers, and webmasters in 2009. See the slides here:
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  1. yourtravelguidetoday

    Excellent channel.I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great video. Keep up your? work.

  2. andyegan790

    amazing ..? thanks for sharing .. god bless

  3. srikanth94

    u look intellectual? when bald…

  4. salaser19

    Great? presentation Matt! thx 4 the info.!

  5. tinkerbellchime

    Can’t afford those expensive SEO conferences, so THANKS from the bottom of? my heart for sharing this info. Very helpful.

  6. slowdating

    Great? stuff Matt and the Google folks – Keep it coming

  7. HealthPromotionco


  8. Hatikvahh

    other SEO and SERP related stuff videos have hundreds of thousands of views, but this videos dont, I like? to thing we’re listening to the source while these other people listen to spammers

  9. SEOAwareDOTcom

    Great stuff, Matt. I am getting use to seeing you? bald…

  10. everydayheros

    Matt? is a great speaker teacher! Thanks for the Video.

  11. jorgemir

    Viiiiivvvvaaa? Las Vegas!

  12. 50kT


  13. bibowski

    it says social search is no longer available for experimenting. Is this true for? everyone?

  14. finemirrors

    One of the best? channels on youtube. Keep it up. Thanks.

  15. rtsownage

    Interesting? vid.

  16. rtsownage


  17. andruha11234

    THIS GUY is such a good speaker? i love listening to him 🙂

  18. MrMMMQ8

    Thanks for a great presentation and very useful information
    (Looks like that no-twitter experiment is really working? well 🙂 )

  19. sayweb

    Matt Cutts has a PHD in computer science and was selected by Google to be a sort of spokesman. no small thing. I already? expect a great lecture, and In general I get. These clips always live to my expectations, and they are not small. Congratulations.

  20. starwarscomic

    Great information!? Thanks!

  21. GAcube

    My first thought was like: ‘God… I don’t have 25 minutes to see what Matt has to say’.
    But I’m glad I had 😉
    And the best thing was that I really know all those things that you were talking about but in fact it was good to hear it all together.
    So congratulations, another? great video. 🙂

    Oh and I like the fact that Google this year started really interacting more with active users and I think that it’s very good to both sides.

  22. nemrtvy

    Excellent presentation, a lot of various? interesting things …