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Start/Select – Start/Select – Skyrim Hearthfire, Black Ops 2 Special Edition

Amongst the mountain of news today we pull out the nuggets of Skyrim’s latest home-building DLC, Hearthfire, and break down exactly what to expect from Black Ops 2’s Hardened Edition and Care Package bundles. Watch Start/Select – Watch Secret Code – Watch The What If Machine – Watch Escape from Mount Stupid – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –
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24 Responses

  1. dumbass24100

    -___- may you be blessed in the blessed? waters of Somalia.

  2. Andrew Barks

    i have? it on steam aswell :/

  3. dumbass24100

    haha console noob? :3.

  4. Arian545

    What about Seb/Seblect??

  5. myfuncards8

    It won´t come out.. Ever. Bethesda said they would announce? the PS3 release weeks before it comes out.

  6. chunkyloverv2

    waiting is not? a good word for it hoping is better

  7. MrBendover00

    nice shirt?

  8. Hachiibee

    wait wut,? isn’t it already released for both pc and ps 3 ?

  9. DomoHuntTime

    Haha? gutted mate!

  10. TheSuperllamax

    Hey activision, actually make a different? game instead of toys to make more money from stupid seven year olds

  11. RidgeForrester

    Suck? a dong.

  12. andrewarmst1998

    Give us? minecraft xbox 360 edition update

  13. Draitex

    Can’t wait for? the thunderthrust package héhéhé

  14. TheNayori1

    to all those who work at bethesda if you release a dlc? then you should bring it out on every platform and why are you begingin with te xbox

  15. DaneRyanSpringer

    Your shirt is amazing, I? want that.

  16. ltkickazz

    Bethesda needs to get? off the microcock.

  17. DavieTheParkour


  18. msc698cc1

    Of course I am sick or waiting,This is just plan B.S>!!! PS3 Costumers should not have to be treated like the ugly redheaded step child! Our money works just as good as 360’ers. Bethesda needs to remember that when making? dlc. Other wise whats the point in making games for the PS3 at all?

  19. GriffenGunner77

    Everyone forgets about PS3 that? stupid

  20. MrMultiJer

    give us? minecraft xbox erdition update!!!

  21. TheKestevon

    what DLC??fix? the stupid melee combat first

  22. Lash Watford

    Mircosoft is greedy they? can’t wait for anything! Dawnguard would of be better if they had waited

  23. TobyTheManEating Moose

    Why the literal? fuck would I buy a retarded kid?

  24. The5thStateOfMatter

    Developer publisher? How about? Deveblisher? Ha?..ha??..