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Spamming SEO Company: Most hated Search Engines

Spamming SEO Company: Most hated Search Engines

Article by SEO Company Sydney

There is always a concern among the genuine SEO operators that there are increasing instances of spamming the search engines in different ways. This is not something new and is the result of the loopholes in the functioning of the search engines . Whether these loopholes can be plugged or not is an altogether different issue since any attempt at it is directly going to hit at the very credibility of the search engines for genuine SEO Sydney purposes.

The first basic question that can be asked is what exactly is considered to be spamming in the SEO parlance. All those techniques or methods which are considered to be unethical and deceptive in nature by the search engines are considered to be spam. Whether it is the overdoing of an activity with malicious intent, or the use of unsolicited language in the web content of any form, spamming is a term of broad meaning.

Spamming, most of the times, is done using the links and the content. There may be completely unethical ways of doing the spamming as also the ethical ways of spamming, though of a lesser degree. In the latter way, deception is the name of the game. Cloaking, using the doorway pages, mini site networks, link farms, blog spam, forum spam, over use of keywords, hidden tags, etc. are some of the common ways in which the SEO Sydney spamming can be done. These practices unethical since the higher ranks are achieved by not providing any thing genuine and honest but by weaving a web of links from different sources.

There are some more things which can become the dislike of the search engines . Two of the most common practices used by the SEO Company are that of writing of the off-page content and doing the manual submissions for link building. These are the practices which are considered to be legal or ethical means of achieving the rankings through SEO but can also be turned into spam. Let us first take note of the manual submissions. IF the SEO Company does the over-activity of manual submissions on any single web resource, then it is considered to be a spam.

The web resource might be having the policy of banning the site from further submissions since these originate from a single IP address source. This is usually done by those web resources which are quite popular and have high page rank. Some other web resources may also ban the publishing of web content submitted if these do not adhere to their policy guidelines. At worse, they can even take the extreme step of banning anything and everything coming from your IP address. If these web resources do not take punitive action against spamming, their value in the eyes of search engines is likely to be eroded.It is not just the link-building activity that can be considered a spam, but also the content writing one. While the search engines like genuine and original content, the SEO Company provides the same theme, same points, thoughtless content to the web resources. This is now being dealt with severely by the search engines since the value? of content is increasingly being focused on.

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