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SolidWorks 3D CAD – First Look Video SolidWorks 3D CAD software offers three packages building in functionality and tiered to best suit the needs of your organization. All packages utilize the intuitive SolidWorks user interface to speed your design process and make you instantly productive.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. valteri0007

    A bit? like Phun but much more complicated

  2. Harlingen78

    That’s sooo awesome! I cant wait to start my mechanical? engineering classes

  3. JDKMM7

    OMG. This looks? like heaven

  4. Vemulator

    Agreed. This and Autodesk Inventor are so much more refined. I find CATIA’s UI? very cumbersome to use, and I could not figure out how to use Pro E on my own

  5. cluxseltoot

    Why can’t you speak English??

  6. apollo305shade

    I am looking for someone who can use this program don’t have to be experienced just know basics? of solidworks… can lead to a very good job? if done right. Must live in the US. inbox me and I’ll tell you more

  7. MrKiwi888

    Oh. My. God. This guy is a? pro

  8. KatiushaVN4

    This? is just amazing!

  9. dlobrown8888

    Yea I understand? now, thanks.

  10. LeBadman

    Thinking that? complicated things are only put away for a few people is limited thinking. Anyone can study or do anything. There’s no need to paint people as ‘layman’.

  11. dlobrown8888

    You don’t make sense.? Clarify please.

  12. LeBadman

    Thinking one can’t? is limited thinking.

  13. dlobrown8888

    Can an average man? use this?

  14. doopyx


  15. artfx9

    HOLY? SH..

  16. crimsoncoin

    Liquid cooled i7 5.03GHz? CAD Solidworks 3d Modeling 0n ebay for 2600, nice software

  17. ChrisAgs88

    I actually used SolidWorks in high school as part of CAD class. Very? intuitive, and I actually had fun using it!

  18. paperfreeck

    Similar to Inventor, yet somewhat more hands on? …

  19. Kingspade808

    holy.shit. i wish i could get that good? at solid works…

  20. deeeeeh15

    Can’t wait to try this software!?

  21. phantomlord71usa

    It just blows me away with all the new features that DSS adds to its Solidworks package. I’ve used MANY MANY different CAD programs out there, even back in the day before Windows 2.0 came out. Nothing but pure DOS packages back then. Clunky, funky, and finicky, and more importantly “limited” to what they could accomplish in 3D. Back then “3D” was considered a plain wire framed object. Somewhere in? my apartment I still got my original copy of SolidWorks 98 Plus and spiral bound users guide.

  22. eenDraak1

    looks like? autocads inventor

  23. ednuttah

    Fell out with 2011, terrible to? use difficult to understand 2011 is SW version of Vista big mistake. I’m sure they will sort it out 2013.

  24. csgforme

    Z33: having used all 3, I? can tell you that it is the easiest. Hands down.

  25. z3133014

    SoildWorks looks so much more easier to use than CATIA? and Pro Engineering.