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Sims 3 Curved Pool Tool

How to use the curved pool tool. Hey Guys! Add me if you want on the Sims 3 Community! Hey, guys! I have a new tutorial on how to build a barn! Link is below.

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24 Responses

  1. gruntjacky11

    Someone’s time of the? month…?

  2. 212OneDirection

    1:13 awsomeness

  3. Nate Avila


  4. MizzLexiSwagger

    -_-? your stupid.

  5. 55Tonythetigar

    mine nipple?

  6. regegigas

    Whats your name mine? is moshisim

  7. DaPrincessable

    Grow up retard.? I’m a girl and I’m not laughing. What a retard!!!

  8. corbin708

    Guys if u wanna know how to rotate the pools,? you press: (.) No Brackets Just the Dot.

  9. Nate Avila

    That was my only problem, i didnt know how to rotate it. Thanks? a lot

  10. Nikola Jur?áková


  11. xXCrackGamesXx

    where i can? get this pool? :O

  12. Stevemybear

    Wow the moment? I learned to make the pool like that my bro uninstalls the game and when I reinstall it I have patch 1.0 -_-

  13. Tralaaable

    Whats so funny about? ‘period’?


    HeHe ‘Period’ :D?

  15. thetruephobia

    There are two keys on your? keyboard that are between the “M” key and the “?” key. They are arrows just hit them when you want to rotate.

  16. paypay2968

    Anyone else notice it looks like a? peanut?

  17. jwgibs

    the , and? .

  18. jwgibs

    the ,? and . buttons rotate it

  19. hilda0rocks

    me? too

  20. 2kid10

    the what and what? i can do it help

  21. gaga321011

    You use the – and -? keys on your keyboard for all of you guys asking

  22. ratfink2570ify

    How do you turn it?

  23. chizoioioi

    lol I just got the sims 3 and i was thinking its? so lame how you can’t turn this pool thing

  24. TheBatersik

    . ,