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SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google This SEO tutorial shows you step-by-step how to do search engine optimization to get to the top of Google for a keyword that you choose. There are no tricks or secrets here, as it is just straightforward SEO .
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  1. Computertips2u

    Yeah well you are an idiot if you think I am doing that… Other strangers have confirmed that it was ranking where I said it was. Too bad if? you do not believe that and this just proves you have no experience with SEO…

  2. Computertips2u

    Yes it did work? but I no longer rank for it as I have other SEO projects to work on.. This was just to prove something..

    Many people have come back and checked that I did rank there but if you check now I will not…

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  9. hobolooter

    Except that I searched for that term and her post is on the first? page… seems to have worked.

  10. jessi20201

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  12. Lucinka112100

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  14. IbrahimProd

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  15. shezadahmed

    you are playing with their minds first check google search? results 133000… after pausing video result chnged to 166000.. he signed in his account than it will showed your prefered website … SEO is not easy like you are showing to people …
    Shahzad Ahmed

  16. tutorialcasts

    Thanks for this, really helped with one? of my older websites.

  17. timmy5527

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  18. MsIleaneSpeaks

    It was really fun to see you moving up in? the rankings that way. Awesome work my friend. Thanks for showing us how off page SEO is done.

  19. Dankevych

    hi, i am seo, i see this video and i can say only one thinks? – it’s work!

  20. seocom

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  21. DrSanchez55


  22. seosnatch

    You obviously know more than your piers? about your business.

  23. mobileguy022

    thanks, it gives me idea about SEO

  24. TheTaxExperts3

    A very useful and? simple video. Thanks for that!

  25. bizkitchentable

    Excellent video, really good to see people offering genuine top quality information and not looking to sell a product.? Well done!