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Onsite Optimization

Make sure you have these items below checked and make sure they are right.

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Complete Keyword Research – You provide list we provide the real market place list so your targeted the right people under what they are looking for.

Website Analysis – this is done over the phone when you talk with us, a digital report can be provide at a cost of $75.

Website Structure Check – this mean we use a custom program to look over the site(s) to scan for known errors and we then check it over with human eyes to make sure non common things are not over looked.


URL Check – this is a test for your branding and business id, should have been talked about before you ordered, if not you might to give us a call to talk about it now.


Content Check – We look over your site content then set up a phone call with you to talk about what you should fix, almost 90% of the time this has to be done. If you cannot make the changes we can.


Page Loading Time Check – We check the load of your site, if errors are found we’ll talk with you about them. This is really more for google and what google wants to see happening on your site. We understand this and that is why it we check it.


W3C Validation Check – this is one of the 1st things we do when checking for errors.


Broken Link Check – this too is done when we check for errors.


Duplicate Content Check – we search to see if anyone is using your content or if you are using someone else’s. If we find a problem you be told and showed what we found. This too is a big thing with Google.


Site Indexing Review – we check 2 times a month to make sure Google is spidering your site and this is a must do to make sure Google likes what your site is about.


Redirecting Issues Check – this is a major factor some things why a site might have problems. We check to make sure you’re not having any one playing game with your site, and to make sure you do not have these types of errors.