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Why do you need an SEO expert?

We have often seen that we have made a website that could revolutionize internet usage. But low and behold! You get no hits on your website at all! How is that possible? Maybe because no one gets to know that you have a website. So, how do you let the public know about your website? Through SEO or search engine optimization of course!

What is SEO ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to highlight specific word in your website like the URL, Title, H1 tags and Meta Tags such that when such highlighted words are searched with on search engines . These words are picked carefully, to keep in mind the content of the website, the required visibility and the marketing of the website. SEO Experts are trained to search these key words and pick them carefully to increase traffic to the website.

An SEO expert if well versed in programming languages and they have public relation skills, to identify freshness in content and also adjudge their credibility. They also know how to make the website more noticed by optimum use of social networking sites, blogging etc. SEO experts create backlinks to other websites, from which hits can be possible. They also allow more conversions on their websites, so that along with traffic, the business of the website increases.

How Do I get My Website SEO Optimized?

There are many SEO experts who are freelancers. You can approach them to optimize the content in your website. There are many SEO companies also who optimize a website.

The SEO Company will find the keywords out using a filtering software or Google Adwords and when the keywords have been obtained, they will be making appropriate use of the keywords to edit your base content along with the title, subtext, Meta tags, permalink etc. These companies can be hired on a contract basis and they help to optimize your pages for search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc. There are many ways by which one can become an SEO expert. It is easy to learn and if you are a bit interested in programming. If you want to hire an SEO Experts, they will looks into things like reviewing the active keywords, quarterly, XML SiteMap creation, Robots.txt optimization, Article or Press review per month, One way Linking etc. these services are available in different packages and can cost you anything between $ 300 to $ 750.
One should always go for SEO of their site. It not only helps to bring in traffic and business, but it also helps in building good relations with web crawlers. When web crawlers see that your website offers the best information on a particular topic, it will lead to word of mouth publicity as well, which will act like a repercussion effect and increase your traffic all over again. So, it is primary for one to SEO their sites, if they want to appear on the top 20 websites of a particular topic, in all search engines .

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