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SEO 101: How Google Crawls, Indexes, and Serves the Web

SEO 101: How Google Crawls, Indexes, and Serves the Web

Ver wondered how Google can instantly summon the answer to just about every question you’ve ever had? We’ve all used the popular search engine , but what are the mechanics behind this program we’ve all come to depend on so much?

To put it as simple as possible, Google SEO is like the worlds fastest librarian in the world’s largest library, and not only is she fast, she knows where every book is by memory, and not only that, she has the 10 best books for your search, in her pocket? It doesn’t get much faster than that.

Basically, every time you do a search, Google analyzes your criterion and pulls up a list of the most relevant sites it has that relate to the key phrase or words you put in.

Best Seo Company have three primary processes which work together to provide you with results,

Fortunately for us, the same three processes are also used in determining your sites ranking.

Crawling: Submit your site to Google, they’ll crawl it, and pick out keywords that define your site.
Indexing: Is your Site index able? Do you meet the minimum requirements?
Serving: Does your site provide relevant information that users will find useful?


Crawling is a term used to describe the Googlebot’s scanning procedures; the Googlebot scans and discovers websites as well as re-scans updated websites.

The process begins with an inventory of URLs and site maps, compiled from earlier crawls.

When the Googlebot visits of each the sites it searches for links on each page and adds them to the next list of pages to scan. Updated sites, new sites, and dead links are recorded and later used to update the Google search index . Google utilizes a large group of computers to run Googlebot, (Google’s Primary Scanning Spider) Googlebot crawls Billions upon Billions of web pages in order staying current. Specially formulated programs to determine which sites need to be crawled and how often.


Googlebot uses an extremely complex system to scan each page, every word along with its placement on the page is noted and this in turn determines its place in the search rankings. Titles and Key attributes such as sub headings, and Meta headings are all taken into context and have a larger impact on placement.

Serving results

When someone conducts a search, Google quickly compiles a list of results ranked in relevancy to the query. Relevancy of the sites are determined by over 150 factors! One of the most important determining factors would be your sites page rank. To earn a higher page rank your site must have several back-links, the more links to your page, the higher ranking your site will earn. However, not all links are of equivalent value, if you managed to get CNN to link to your site, or the New York Times for instance, you will earn more points than say, your friend Steve’s blog, who has an annual hit count of about 40. If you really want your site to have a high ranking, it is essential that Google is allowed to Crawl and index your site. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines outline important guidelines that you should stick to if you want your site to do well.

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