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SENukeX Article & Social Nukes SENukeX is Powerful Automatic SEO Software. It takes 15 minutes to setup a SEO Campaign that runs automatically, everyday! Use SENukeX to get your website to the First Page in Google. Find my whole story at is a specialized SENukeX training site for SEO newbies and advanced users. We feature SEO Tutorials, SENukeX campaign setup and walkthru’s, detailed training videos , campaign documentation, remote desktop videos , webinars, Q&A, and more. SENukeUnderground is your Strategy to Safely Simply and Superpower SENukeX. We’ve got hundreds of members of who love our specialized SEO and SENukeX training. In this video, you’ll see SENukeX doing what we call “Article” and “Social” Nukes. Essentially, SENukeX is logging into accounts its already created and “nuking” or dispersing an article across those accounts that has specific keywords and links back to your money site. Eventually, as Google indexes these articles, your money site will rank for these keywords.
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  1. LinkBuilding2012

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  2. LinkBuilding2012

    here there is a fully working copy…try before? buy!!

  3. sarthakssj4

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  4. gogspa60

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  5. katherineallebach

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  6. ankitthakur2903

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  7. gadumaguing

    Hi jeremy, in this video you just shared? all about article submission how about the social network. i dont get it when senuke needs me to input subdomain that is spinnable

  8. 3030KingKong

    Hey Jeremy
    Your videos have really helped me with some questions Ive had.
    If you don’t mind me asking, regarding the article submissions, I am assuming that? I will receive email confirmation after the articles have been approved?
    I really need a URL list for this section so am mulling over some auto-approves with AMR or another method.
    Thanks in advance

  9. SEirene9229


    In “Article and Social Nuke” training material, I found the “Tips and Tricks” as below:

    “It’s advised that you do not nuke an article or social site more than five times. It’s better if you stick to once or twice.”

    I in doubt about the above statement.

    Is it means that the do not nuke an article or social site more than 5? times for SAME KEYWORD?
    Is it means that the do not nuke an article or social site more than 5 times for SAME WEBSITE?

    Kindly advice. Thanks.

  10. Adreezaa

    Can you tell me why it won’t? spin my articles??? I can’t seem to get it to work and I can’t figure out why

  11. jeremyashburn

    Yeah…Maybe I will go back? and make a shortened version of this video. Thanks for your comment.

  12. M00reSki

    On a side note, I do appreciate the time you took to make this tutorial, btw more double talk at 22.53 and a Long pause shortly after at 23.03, and then the video is abruptly shortened? at 23.22, but the good news is that you seem to be more alive… although its probably just the music now that I think about it. But? ya, thanks for doing what you could.

  13. M00reSki

    The editing needs some love. There’s several instances where you stop talking and nothing happens for several seconds. There’s also a few places where you double talk, or rather, the audio is? duplicated, it happens at 15.56 and another time before that. Also, do you think you could have some life in your voice? The monotone, hum-drum voice makes me space out and then I have to rewind and force myself to stay awake. Perhaps you could shorten the videos to 5-8min instead of 25min…

  14. ash7aq

    How to put an article title?
    i? cant find any field for the title

  15. jeremyashburn

    You’re welcome!? Hope it helps.

  16. yourarticleservice

    Thanks? for taking the time to make these SENukeX training videos! I appreciate it.

  17. jeremyashburn

    It sounds? like good advice to me!

  18. vgates81

    Some places like Hub Pages do not like more than 2 links embedded? per article. Best to keep it to 2.

  19. jeremyashburn

    Don’t nuke an article morw than 5 times for a particular article. In fact; the less, the better. Nuking an article 2x is? more effective than 5x because it’s in less places.

  20. ShermerIllinois

    When you say don’t nuke an article/social more than 5 times, do you mean for a particular spun article or for a specific website or project? e.g. if you create a new article on the same subject using different keywords promoting the same site, then you can nuke that new article to the same profiles, right?

    I assume what you’re saying is just don’t nuke a spun article more? than a couple times. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks.