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Sebastian Vettel explains 2009 F1 rule changes

A fantastic computer-animated clip features Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel racing on track, as they bring to life the biggest rule changes in the history of Formula One. the new aero package Last seasons car morphs into the current Red Bull Racing car, the RB5, showing all the bodywork changes from nose to rear wing. KERS The bodywork is removed to expose the engine and inner parts. A stream of energy makes its way from the back axle through the motor generator and into the battery. Sebastian presses the boost button and whizzes past Mark. Slicks How’s this for a slick change as the car switches from grooved tyres to ’09 slicks, without even stopping…
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25 Responses

  1. lattinskillzz

    Who thinks the FIA needs to stick there fingers up there? ass’ ?

  2. lllllillllllllillll

    f1 just? isnt as good since the departure of ayrton senna

  3. gearheadpro

    great video and graphics?

  4. stampede122

    though the X2010 (and? x2011) dont exist, the tech does

  5. davidfederer1

    fantastic video?

  6. PPPatrickWWW

    the x2010, although it doesn’t really exist, but its way faster? than an F1 car

  7. gunsguns25

    Which car is? faster this one or the redbullx2010?

  8. Legofan1401

    Not very sure about it…If you? can beat Vettel, it’s because your name is God but your name is Ifok Evrynite

  9. RuneBimse

    Lololololololol, if that rule wasn’t here right now.? Vettel and redbull will be last.

  10. whatsup414

    :DD? no wayyyy

  11. salmanfarruz

    i love these new car,but i hate he 2009 nose of redbull,in mid? season 2009 they change,that is icer,i love redbull and vettel

  12. PeppiBle


  13. volikoto

    did they really built? this designs in reality? but i loved the older one…..

  14. cantor0305

    it will be interesting to put the “other” sebastien in the same car next year. LOEB vs VETTEL it will? be really amazing

  15. neerajmjj

    Vettel is supersitious. He carries with him lucky stones that’s why maybe he is so LUCKY at times. Watch this video
    “Sebastian Vettel training on Volcano Mt. Vesuvio”
    he? is also a great driver but he made 2011 season boring

  16. koovidsrcool

    god all i want in? life is to be the next sebastion leob/ aryton senna/ michael schumacher

  17. adefesioslp

    i was a super fan of F1 races. but since they start to win everything so easily without a trully fight (vettel) i stop watching this crap, races without of true competition are boring as hell, i miss the time of ayrton senna vs alain prost, THAT WAS FORMULA 1. the? actual f1 is so boring and i was a big fan since 1980. that’s why am so saaaaad 🙁

  18. osakanone

    This is so much more concise than? the other team’s explinations.

  19. adamallegretta

    all of? the other drivers from other teams disliked this video twice

  20. Marcus666Sund

    the new cars (since 2009) have just made this so called “sport” a joke. I mean, cmon:

    1998-2008 had epic designed cars
    1989-2005 had good 3.0-3.5 litre engines, mostly V10s and some V12s
    The only bad thing was that? the 98-08 cars didnt have slicks!

    Seriously, F.I.A. We dont care about your wish to get cars greener and more ugly, get the good times back FFS!!!!

  21. Hollyweed1

    Test me.

  22. DangermouseIRL

    I doubt it :P?

  23. Micro94Ice

    Really? ?

  24. manocool09

    I can’t beat him.?

  25. j5o14jq222

    2014 the cars will be? awsome