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Search Engine Survival Relies on Website Backlinks

Search Engine Survival Relies on Website Backlinks

People have their own ways in terms of how and why you can make your web pages highly ranked and appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines around.


Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) both on and off page, is vital. Getting your keywords and tags sorted is helpful because it can make the search engines rank you by relevancy for your selected terms. However, when you have this classified, the most important is back links!


The more backlinks you have to a particular page, is, at the present time, the No.1 factor in how your page will rank for your chosen term.


Not only that, but how you build your backlinks over time and the QUALITY of these backlinks will go a long way to keeping your real estate pages and property site up on Page 1.


So how do you get these back links?


Well there are a number of ways: there’s Facebook, Twitter, Articles, Blog Posts and a plethora of other ways to start building your back links, you can even buy them, but one of the quickest and easiest ways is to COMMENT ON OTHER PEOPLES BLOGS.


That’s right, there are many millions of other people out there with blogs and to a large part they thrive on their readers commenting on their blog posts.


But you don’t want to aim for just any old blog, oh no, you need to look for two major things


Relevancy – the search engines give far more weight to backlinks that are ‘on topic’
Authority – backlinks from authority sites, or sites with high page rank – reflect much better on your site.


So as we’re in real estate, go to Google and search for ‘real estate blogs’ and then ‘property blogs’ and see what comes up.


It’s a fair bet, but not always the case that the pages it shows up on the front page have, in the search engines eyes, some authority – after all – they are on the front page.


You then need to go and have a look at the blogs and the first thing you should check for – don’t get too caught up in reading to start with, that’s not what you’re there for today and you can always bookmark and go back, is scroll down to the bottom of the posts and check the comments section, what you are looking for is an option to add your website URL to your comment – Your Backlinking Opportunity!


Now you can go back and have a quick read, don’t forget most people, including me, have their blogs set so that any comments have to be approved before they will appear so you have to ADD SOMETHING TO THE CONVERSATION.


What I mean by this is add some value to the discussion, you may get away with just ‘Great Post’ – BUT THIS IS WHAT MOST SPAMMERS do and people are getting wise to it and if you’re comment is not approved, You’ve lost your backlink!


So make your comment interesting, to the point – you don’t necessarily have to agree with the post as long as your criticism is constructive and not offensive.


Your backlinking has to appear natural or you will red-flag the search engines that you are spamming just to get links.

By natural I mean slowly build links over time – if you have a site that out of nowhere starts adding 500 links per day, that isn’t natural looking.


Start slowly, add up to 50 links the first month, then you can increase to add another 100 the second month, then another 200 and so on, this is natural looking. You will start to rise in the search engines which would naturally mean more traffic and so more links.


Andy Flitter is the Unshaven Infopreneur from Queensland Australia.

Andy’s passions are building automation systems for the internet, the psychology of what makes people buy stuff and helping entrepreneurs and the self-employed to market themselves and their services more effectively. Oh, and Sports, almost all of ’em.

For more information, go to the homegrown Australian Property Domains which enables you to build single property websites for your Australian properties and helps Australian Real Estate Agents explode their listings portfolio.

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