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Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) Hands-On Review [Software]

You remember that Galaxy S II? A phone so good they launched it, well, a whole load of times. But after seeing phablet cousins and LTE variants, the true handset sequel is finally here. The Galaxy S III is moments away from being outed in front of journalists and Sammy’s business partners in London, but in advance of the big reveal we were given a few hours to acquaint ourselves with the new star away from the crush of the show floor. And what did we make of it? In short, Samsung’s tried to bring its Galaxy S series in line with (and in some ways, further ahead of) what its team-up with Google accomplished. It’s added some new quad-core Exynos processing juice, a 4.8-inch, HD Super AMOLED screen and a handful of Galaxy S III-only features in an earnest bid to maintain its place at the top of the Android pile. Samsung’s pitch to us focused heavily on the software. Pure Android enthusiasts may wince at the sight of TouchWiz (overlaid on top of Android 4.0.4) and from the brief time we played with the device, Ice Cream Sandwich looks a lot like how it arrived on our updated Galaxy S II — it’s not close to a stock Android experience. Instead of messing with its UI, Samsung has concentrated on specific apps — and plenty of new gesture functionality.

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  1. PhantomAssassin7

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  2. margirer

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  3. Christopher Sprague

    XiCellShop . co? m has the best prices i have seen online, just ordered mine! Cant for it to get here!

  4. 527dsmith

    Typing from GS3 now. Best phone I’ve ever owned and I’ve had every galaxy S. Samsung 4? life!

  5. verdiereful

    You can get a Samsung Galaxy? S3 for FREE – Google opbids

  6. skualo671

    Gotta admit that the phone itself looks amazing surpassing way far that look of the iphone but the os just marks which phone is actually better…. If could only get the gslll with ios that would? be a freaking hit #justsaying

  7. FollowGame

    I have this phone now, and it? is so sickkkk, you wont regret it if you buy this! If you realy want to play an addictive game on your smartphone to, play RoB. Its for iOS and Android. Check out: /watch?v=HZWda4ekVQI

  8. UrDead322

    Im geting? thus bitch

  9. ariolatorres

    How sensitive is the screen after a long time? I really love the 4s because of how sensitive the screen is, even after a long? time. But I noticed that samsung touchscreens don’t do well after a long time. Or is it just me? 😀

  10. southyr6

    Typing this from my SIII. This phone is unreal. Gorgeous, solid design. Fast as hell. The battery life is incredible. I got 12 hours of HEAVY use on the first full charge. I’m in love with? this thing.

  11. okee9

    Nah,? they’ll talk cock about the iphone 5 when they see apple changed the data connector making all their docks, speakers and chargers unusable,

  12. LandscapeManX

    Is that darkish S3 black, or is it the blue? one?

  13. rcarkk

    With a 3.5″ screen? I doubt it. Look at this 4.8″ screen. Simply gourgeous.?

  14. 3xxLaurennxx

    I dont have a problem? with it when playing around with it, but i dont use it seriously so i can’t have a big input on it really. One problem ive noticed with it now is when texting because the bottom of the phone is also touch screen, i always accidentally touch it with the bottom of my hands, while texting so setting some up, that gets annoying and its fairly un-avoidable.

  15. scorchain


  16. mugilandag

    Fuck this, after the next iPhone release in stores? everybody will talk cock about Slll ..

  17. thereallukke

    s3 best? phone ever

  18. Imagin8ion1


  19. Afriza Eirina

    agree with? it

  20. Jason Dugan

    XiCellShop . c om? has the Galaxy S3 in? stock, Just ordered mine!

  21. rcarkk

    Im in love with? this phone.

  22. TheNintendodsiwii

    i need help, im from canada and ive been wanting this phone for awhile and? i was gonna get it because it was quad core then i found out that canada and us dosent have this phone in quad? core and its only dual, i just wanna know is it still worth it? i want an android that really wont lag and i wanna know if its gonna be a huge difference dual from quad

  23. ridely700

    All iphones are a? waste of money