Home Link Building Service Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 (T989, I727, I727R) – JTAG Service (Debricking/Unbrick/Brick FIX)

Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 (T989, I727, I727R) – JTAG Service (Debricking/Unbrick/Brick FIX)

T989, I727 AND I727R NOW SUPPORTED! Buy your Brick service from us here. We are one of the ONLY USA shops to do this as well as the MOST POPULAR SOURCE. See why 1000’s trust us with their phones and subscribe… Main Services Page: This is a preview promotion of what’s involved in our debricking process. All phones follow a similar procedure. DO NOT TRY THIS AT ON YOUR OWN. I’m trained in small electronics and familiar with all the steps. It’s very easy to damage components, small connectors and other parts during this process. Check us out on Facebook: Check us out on Twitter:
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  1. dwandererH

    now i can’t find a new motherboard even in? the official samsung retail store , what to do i donno plz help , could it be he is wrong and he just don’t know how to properly use a jtag could my phone be saved? i hate to think i have to throw it away! :((

  2. dwandererH

    hi? i’m from lebanon , my phone got hard bricked while isntalling f1 nexus experience 4.0.4 aosp on galaxy s2 , custom rom it went istalling while it reached halfway it just went dead , i took it to a repairman here in my country he did a jig and a jaytag revival but he told me that there was a emmc dcc eror and he told me that my sd is dead so i need a new motherboard but the thing is i donno how flashing a rom would overclock and burn an sd card and defect a motherboard .

  3. buckod


    quick turn? around and great service!!!

  4. Sirojiddin Jurayev

    How can I contact with you ? I am in Korea. Can you help me? ?

  5. MobileTechVideos

    Yes? absolutely.

  6. Sirojiddin Jurayev

    Hi. I want to know is it possible to repair Samsung Galaxy S2 HD Korean version, SHV-E120L ? It is? hard bricked ..

  7. karen4440

    If i were to report my phone as lost or stolen, it would lock the IMEI number, right?
    Second question, if it did get locked, could I somehow get it unlocked?
    If so, how would? I do that?

  8. osmundo pereira leite

    I bought the Galaxy repair my phone T989 this seller on eBay (eBay (Samsung Galaxy, Captivate Phone JTAG Unbrick? Services (230704139897)Member id mentzerelectronics | Feedback Score Of 446 | 99.8% ) He robbed me! I sent my phone in November 2011 and he did not return.

  9. ReD12793

    You know a? person that goes to school and doesn’t know anything about phones and stuff will defiantly not have any idea how to do that

  10. ntlover

    I think I bricked my phone in this way… sent my phone to Samsung service and they will take 2 weeks… but I’m not sure if they will be able to fix it.. was it? a good choice for me to go to them? (I lied saying that during the ICS update, it stopped and now I can’t turn it on anymore :P)

  11. Franco Colomba

    Loving? The Music Lol

  12. milanking15

    I don’t think an average user would be? able to do this. This works, but it’s obviously complicated and risky.

  13. castelher

    this method is used to retrieve a i777 does not have? IMEI

  14. gasik30

    I have I727R. How can I upgrade it to version that supports Arabic and Hebrew ?! I have 2.3.5?

  15. UTturf

    Isn’t? the i727 the AT&T Skyrocket, which is LTE? Can you also jtag the i777, which is the AT&T SGS II?

  16. mexicandudeavila

    Hey, I’ve just? received a free Minecraft Giftcode!
    You can get one too!

    >> <<

  17. MobileTechVideos

    Ah yes, all the soldering, Trace32 JTAG scripting, diss-assembly and reassembly was all an illusion for computer animated.? Nice try sir… 🙂

  18. MobileTechVideos

    Sometimes just to? test my solutions yes…

  19. ilzrulz

    does this work? on samsung galaxy mini

  20. eivis13

    It might sound stupid but it’s not, How can i fully brick? any android phone? I want to know because i’m getting an SGS3 a few weeks after it comes out and i will possibly be modding the firmware, since i’m coming from Symbian^1 i’m pretty green in this section.

  21. onlinecuador

    This program, found the phone on COM5 and began the installation of the ROM.
    when I finish and “reset” the device? (phone), but no longer lit.
    and no longer does the “JIG” and I tried it in another phone and if it works the JIG, but in mine, no longer works.
    I thought it was the battery, and separate charge, and nothing.
    this is what they say a “FULL BRICK” or something.
    I understand that only with special equipment can repair it.
    You can do it?
    I’m in Guayaquil – Ecuador (south america)

  22. onlinecuador

    no, I manufactured a “JIG” with 3 resistors totaling 3000 kb and with this I managed to enter the mode “download” because before I could not do it.
    Find a? Odin with the “alleged” rom for the SGH-i897 and run it.

  23. slipram1

    do you purposely brick? phones just to show how to unbrick them?

  24. DirectX3

    Bullshit. I? can teach my dog to play dead and call him up after your pitty gold. Fxxk u!

  25. danielsf94

    @MobileTechVideos Sorry, I’m confused? I’m in the uk, can I use this device please?