Home Backlink System Review – Which is the Best Free Backlinking System?

Review – Which is the Best Free Backlinking System?

Review – Which is the Best Free Backlinking System?

If you are puzzled as to why you cannot gain page rank in Google and other major search engines , there may be a key SEO tactic you are missing. That SEO tactic is one way link building. But, the way it has been taught makes it out to be a tactic reserved for search engine optimization experts. Here isthe right way to build hundreds of Google backlinks and Yahoo backlinks with a simple system.

There is a new system that claims to be the answer to this problem, especially for article marketers, one that guarantees hundreds of Google backlinks simply by writing and submitting articles in a new way. They claim it is the future of article marketing. In fact, the creators claim it has no disadvantages! This review looks at the system to see if it is plausible.

The Advantages of Article Marketing

The advantages of using article marketing to facilitate one way link building have long since been proven.

As article marketers, we know that Google, Yahoo, and other search engines need fresh quality content.

Search engines reward the writers of new, useful, and informative content with better search engine rankings .

Embeded within that high ranked content are links leading back to the website or blog of the creator of that content. Each backlink to that highly ranked content is actually a vote for the creator of that content and gives the creator’s website or blog higher visibility.

Quality content with hundreds of one way backlinks will land you on the first page of most search engines . The result is a flood of targeted traffic leading back to you. This is how article marketing has worked.

In the past, “link love” from search engines towards backlinks from articles was the most successful free traffic generator. For many years, article marketers profited nicely even though the content they created only had to be of marginal quality. Quality content was not necessary because there was not much competition for keywords and search engine position. The truth is, backlinking was pretty much a method known only by SEO experts and some wise marketers. They dominated the search engine rankings for years for their desired keywords.

The Negative Side of Article Marketing

Today, article marketing is a lot more complex. Keyword research tools are readily available and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tutorials teaching how to write quality content that is keyword rich. And, as if article marketing was not fiercely competitive already, content thieves have entered the scene and have added another twist that makes article marketing tougher that ever.

Some of these thieves will republish your article but they may delete your backlinks from your Author Box, claim authorship, or insert their own backlinks to steal your hard work and traffic.

This is the major downside of trying to get backlinks with articles the traditional way.

Once you have submitted your article to any of the article directories, you lose control over your article when it is published. You cannot blame article directory administrators. They are glad to have your quality content so they leave your writing intact should they decide to publish it.

One of the major ways your content can be stolen is by “scraping.” Article thieves are using software that automatically crawls through article directories to “scrape” the articles, by category, for republishing elsewhere. These software bots provide the thief with your finished article. Then, all they do is change the article Title slightly and the insert their own backlinks in your Author Box.

In addition to stealing entire articles from article directories and automatically altering backlinks in your Author Box, they use other kinds of software to skim just a snippet of your article. Many times they skim just the first few lines or a complete paragraph of your article.

The “Free Traffic System” Could Be The Answer

The creators of Free Traffic System have a large number of member blogs in a wide variety of niches. They guarantee that their member blogs, where your writing is published, will retain your backlinks. You would think that such a guarantee cannot honestly be backed up. Well, as it turns out, Free Traffic System has found a way to virtually eliminate the problem of plagiarism.

Administrators of Free Traffic System monitor their member blogs. Those blog owners who remove your backlinks will be deleted from the Free Traffic System and lose access to future quality content. Surprisingly, this has yet to happen.

If you want to try a new way to boost your page rank through quality backlinks, check out Free Traffic System.

Read more articles about Free Traffic System here ==> one way permanent links. Editor: Jim DeSantis, Your Internet Reporter.

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