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Rapid Mass Targeted Traffic

Rapid Mass Targeted Traffic

I remember when Traffic was a bad thing; something you tried to avoid at all times. Sitting going nowhere in endless tail backs…

But in Internet Marketing terms, everybody wants as much of it as they can get.

It maybe ironic, but have you noticed how your inbox is now jammed up everyday with endless Traffic solutions from the top Marketing guru’s.

I must point out though that not all Traffic is good Traffic. What you need is Targeted Traffic.

Going back to the analagy of car traffic, you are only after the Sports Cars, not the Trucks, 4X4’s, Family Saloons, etc

Most people could get hoards of “general” traffic, but what’s the point of people after buying pets coming to a site about sellings houses.

The traffic has to match the destination and is referred to as “Targeted”

So how can you get only Targeted Traffic to your website.

Here is a list of the best ways to guarantee Targeted Traffic

1. Social Networking – This is THE place you need to be creating relationships, you are interacting with people constantly and will eventually form relationships with these people.

They will want to know a little more about you, and what you do, then you can offer them your services, most people hate being sold to, and will probably switch off if you try and sell to them straight away.

2. Forum Marketing – When you are chatting on forums, if you are adding value, certain people will feel inclined to help you, and in turn could buy from you, and even while your on forums, if you have a signature file under each post, people should be attracted to click it, also, these methods drive TARGETED traffic because you are actually interacting with the people you want to view your site.

3. Blogging – You will most likely be the centre point for all of your online ventures and this can be your online house, it will have your story, your knowledge and your value spread throughout it, you need people to be able to relate to you and a blog is an easy way for them to find out more about you. You can sell your product here because it is your house.

4. Video – Video marketing is an amazing way to get viewed and to find prospects and drive traffic to your site, people do business with people, and when they can see a real person, they will feel more inclined to follow you, especially if they can relate to you!

5. Articles – Article marketing is a very powerful way to drive traffic to a sales page or your blog. The reader will be looking for the content you have to offer and will be a good source of targeted traffic and viewers.

6. Pay Per Click advertising – All though this is not free, it’ll probably be the MOST targeted audience you will find because they are going to the search engines and actually searching for the products that you have to offer.


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